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Gaheris and Telemachus quotes from Andromeda

Lines said by them - and about them - and some I just had to include.

" To a Nietzschean, a game is never just a game."
- First Officer G. Rhade

"A Nietzschean never beats himself up. We're self-absorbed, not masochistic."
- Lt. Cmdr. T. Rhade

"They're genetically engineered to be paranoid and selfish and treacherous."
- Captain D. Hunt

07 June 2006

101, Under the Night
Written by Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Dylan: Ever the cynic. You know, I can't wait to hear your toast at my wedding. "To Dylan and Sarah. I'm sure you'll have a long and happy life together. Unless you die."
Rhade: Nietzscheans don't believe in optimism. It inhibits survival.
Dylan: So does pessimism.

Rhade: I'm glad you're getting married. You may not be properly engineered, but your genes are sound. You should reproduce.
Dylan: Thanks, I hope Sarah agrees with you.
Rhade: I'm sure she does. As the great philosopher wrote: Man is for woman a means. The end is always a child.
Dylan: I take it back. You're not a cynic, you're a romantic.

Rhade: The Commonwealth is weak. It bargains with its enemies, it compromises. My people are engineered to be perfect! And the Commonwealth is no place for the strong.

Rhade: You compromised with monsters! The blood of over a billion people cried out for vengeance, and you made peace. You have sown the wind. You shall reap the whirlwind.

105, Double Helix
Written by Matt Kiene & Joe Reinkemeyer

Rhade: To lose is to be proven inferior. If I'm inferior, my genes are suspect, and no Nietzschean female will choose me. If no Nietzschean females will choose me, I can't reproduce. Then, when I die, my genes die. But if I win, that indicates my genes must be good. I get chosen by more females. And the more I get chosen, the more I pass on my genes. The more my genes get passed on, the more of me lives, eternally. To a Nietzschean, a game is never just a game.

Dylan: I have something to confess. I'm here to make peace with the Nietzscheans, but inside me, I want to kill every single one of them. Because of him. {He tosses the flexi onto his desk for Rev to see} Gaheris Rhade.

Rev: The first officer of your ship.
Dylan: More than that. My friend. He was supposed to be the best man at my wedding. And then he betrayed me. Because I trusted him, the Nietzschean invasion got past my ship and the Commonwealth was destroyed. I lost my crew, my family, my fiancée. I lost the time and age I belonged to, Rev. Hell, I lost civilization itself!

Rev: And now you're wondering, is it worth reaching out to Nietzscheans?
Dylan: They're genetically engineered to be paranoid and selfish and treacherous. Am I right to be prejudiced?

Rhade, talking to Dylan about love:
There is no magic, just science you don't understand. You may feel intensely attracted to your fiancée. You may feel pleasure when you breed, but this isn't magic. Your DNA has evolved this way so you'll reproduce. Nietzscheans know this explicitly. That is why the most important thing a Nietzschean female can give her chosen male is the double helix. It represents the male and female's DNA, now bound together by metal. It confers the most honored titles a Nietzschean male can hold – husband and father. You see, it's not that we don't love, it's better. Because everything we do furthers our reproduction. Everything in our lives is an intense, sexually charged negotiation.

Dylan: What happened to my 5D4?
Rhade: You had no piece there.
Dylan: Yes. I did. Unless you cheated.
Rhade: What do you mean?

Rhade: It's only cheating if you get caught.

Dylan: Rhade!
Rhade: I tried to warn you!

Dylan: Three years we've been playing this game. Have you always been cheating?
Rhade: Haven't you?
Dylan: Why would I cheat?
Rhade: The same reason I do. So that you can win.

Dylan: Why didn't I listen? You were warning me. You'd do anything to win. Even kill me.

Dylan: Gaheris, what have you done?
Rhade: I'm proud of you. You should be.

Dylan: You were proud for me. Because I won.

115, Forced Perspective
Written by Matt Kiene & Joe Reinkemeyer

Stark: Good. Your code name will be April. You'll get your exact mission details after site arrival. Now there's someone I want you to meet.

Stark: Mr. March, meet Mr. April. Mr. April, Mr. March.
Rhade: Good to meet you.
Dylan: Likewise.

Rhade: This is the mission?
Dylan: This is the mission.
Rhade: You've got to be kidding. Kidnap Chancellor Ferrin?
Dylan: EXTRADITE him.
Rhade: KIDNAP him. Then smuggle him to Tarn Vedra so he can stand trial.
Dylan: Well, he certainly deserves it. His invasion of (Xangbristol Four) has destabilized this entire sector. Face it, he needs to be removed.
Rhade: Mobius isn't even part of the Commonwealth. Neither is Xangbristol.
Dylan: People are dying. We have to do something.
Rhade: Fine. Then let's find Ferrin and put one through his head. Problem solved.
Dylan: You see? This is why I am in charge.

Venetri: Oh, more than familiar. I designed them. Up on the surface, you probably saw the Congress hall? Mobius Stadium? Those are mine. I'm Ferrin's architect, which makes me closer to him than his first mistress.
Rhade: Then why don't you kill him and save us the trouble?
Venetri: Kill him? I was told that this was...
Dylan: The truth! Which is that this is a NON-VIOLENT extraction. Correct?
Rhade: If you say so.

Dylan: Mr. March, I think you're becoming a pessimist.
Rhade: I'm a realist. And I think we need to revisit a realist's solution. Ferrin should be eradicated.
Venetri: I was told Ferrin would live.
Dylan: Ferrin will live.
Rhade: Read between the lines, Mr. April. Our sponsors want Ferrin gone. They sent twelve teams in to make sure he'd BE gone. When all twelve failed, they sent us. That's how much our sponsors care about saving lives.
Dylan: There's a difference between risking lives and ending them.
Rhade: The only difference is in who dies. If the choice is between his survival or ours, I choose ours. {He gets in Venetri's face threateningly} What do you think, Mr. May?
Venetri: I...uh...I'm an architect. I build things – walls, ceilings. All I want is peace, sanity, cathedrals.
Rhade: What you want – what we ALL want – is to exert our will over others.

Dylan: Wait.
Rhade: No magic gizmos to avoid him? {To Dylan} So, now we'll really see if you're a fool or just a hypocrite.

Venetri: Don't worry. All architecture has a human element. {He approaches the guard}
Take this money. I want you to ignore my friends as they come by.
Rhade: Ferrin should examine his hiring policy.
Dylan: Yeah.>

Rhade: You've gotta hand it to Ferrin. He's ruthless and efficient. He runs an orderly society.
Dylan: Didn't you tell me an hour ago you wanted to kill him?
Rhade: I said I admire him. I didn't say I like him better than me.
Dylan: At least you're consistently Nietzschean in your views.
Rhade: Thank you.

Dylan: They found the guards.
Rhade: We don't have time to be subtle or nice anymore. We have to kill him.
Dylan: I take it back. You're not consistently Nietzschean.
Rhade: What do you mean?
Dylan: What's to stop them from killing us, huh? Try a hostage. A high-level hostage.
Rhade: Mr. April, I like the way you think.

208, Home Fires
Written by Ethlie Ann Vare

Harper: If you think Aquaman and The Silver Surfer here are gonna help you stop the Magog, you may as well start basting yourself in steak sauce now and avoid the rush.
(Everyone stares incomprehendingly at Harper.)
Beka: I don't know ......
Harper: Aquaman? Silver Surfer? Did you people go to school? No classical education whatsoever!

Lieutenant Brown: It's called Tarazed. It's the fourth rock out from a yellow dwarf off the ass end of the Triangulum Galaxy ...... excuse my Vedran.

Lieutenant Brown: War refugees, survivors from Andromeda, The Starry Wisdom - and their wives and their kids and their cousins and their uncles and, well .... Sara Riley rounded up everyone who had ever even heard of you

Harper: Every single High Guard remnant we've encountered has been psychotic or evil - or both! Present company excluded of course.

Dylan: I've heard of Nietzschean genetic reincarnation - I've just never seen a documented case!
Tyr: It's quite rare, but it does happen.

Tyr: Telemachus Rhade isn't just any human. He's the product of sixteen centuries of selective breeding.

Tyr: Homo Sapiens Invictus has the same number of chromosomes as unmodified Homo Sapiens.

Tyr: No Nietzschean carries the gene for astigmatism, acromeglia, arterial sclerosis. You combine that with extensive safeguards against mutations .....
Dylan: And the odds are still in the trillions
Tyr: It's a big universe.
Dylan: Yeah - and a bigger coincidence.
I just don't trust coincidences - especially ones named Rhade.
Tyr: You should never trust any Nietzschean (Dylan stares at him) ......... except me.

Telemachus: Do you have a moment?
Dylan flashes back 300 years to shooting hoops
Gaheris: Do you have a moment?
Dylan: For my best man? Always!
Gaheris: About that ..... there must be better candidates.
Dylan: Excuse me?
Gaheris: What about Refractions of Dawn?
Dylan: Best Man? Best Insectoid Hermaphrodite! You know - it just doesn't have .... quite the same ring to it, does it? Look, there is no one on this ship - hell, there is no one in the known worlds that I trust more. I want you at my side at my wedding.
Think you can take me? (hands basketball to Gaheris)
Gaheris: MAGOG! (Dylan looks away; Rhade sinks a basket) Yes.(he smiles and leaves)
Dylan, muttering: Best Insectoid Hermaphrodite sounds a lot better .....

Telemachus: Dylan - I asked if you wanted a drink?
Dylan: I suspect you wanted to ask me something else?
Telemachus: My ancestor, Gaheris Rhade - here on Tarazed, he's something of a hero you know. Loyal Commonwealth officer, dead in that first terrible battle.
Dylan: I lost a lot of good people that day.
Telemachus: The Nietzschean tell a different story - that he betrayed the Commonwealth, that he was a spy who served a key role in the Nietzschean rebellion. You're the only person alive who knows the truth.
Dylan: You know, I eh .... think I'll take that drink.
Telemachus: You were there - at least tell me what happened ..... tell me what he did.
Dylan: He tried to warn me - for what it's worth. He tried to warn me about the rebellion, but by the time I listened, it was too late.
Telemachus: So he was a hero after all. That means a lot to me - thank you.
I just wish we weren't on opposite sides.
Dylan: Opposite sides of what?
Telemachus: I thought you knew - I'm opposed to the Commonwealth Referendum.
Dylan: But you ARE Commonwealth! All of you! Tarazed has been waiting for this day for 300 years!
Telemachus: And we're still here after 300 years - because we haven't let the chaos out there touch us - because no one knows we exist.
Dylan: For now! But that will change sooner or later.
Telemachus: The later the better as far as I'm concerned. You have powerful enemies captain.
Dylan: So do you, Admiral. The Magog ARE coming. You can't deny them out of existence.
Telemachus: No - but I can keep us out of the cross-hairs. I'm sorry - it's my duty to protect Tarazed, and I'm not going to let anyone compromise that.

Tarazed has voted no to join the CW. Dylan is working out his frustrations playing hoops.
Rev: I didn't realise this basketball was so violent. Perhaps there is a more productive way to expresss your disapppointment?
Dylan: Give it up, Rev. I'm not gonna talk to him
Rev: Why? 'Cause Telemachus Rhade's great, great, great grandfather betrayed you?
Dylan: No! Because Telemachus betrayed me! He broadsided me by campaigning against a restored Commonwealth.
Rev - you know - I'm getting a little tired of being stabbed in the back by Rhades.
Rev: Perhaps. But maybe you should try to see things through his eyes.
Dylan: Oh, please!
Rev: Telemachus Rhade was wounded twice defending Tarazed against Kalderan raiders.
Dylan, ironic: Well then, maybe I should give him a call, eh?
Rev: One of those raids resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. The Isolationists are not evil - they are merely afraid.

Dylan: Admiral - there are four Magog ships in the outer system.
Telemachus: I know - you led them right to us.
Dylan: A: That is not true, and B: We can point fingers later.
Telemachus: Right now I'm launching everything we've got. There's not going to be enough - I need your help.
Dylan: S'why we're still here.
Telemachus: I'm transferring Triumvir's Honor Guard to your command - ships AND lancers. Good luck.

Dylan: You're sure about that?
Harper: I've checked and re-checked and double re-checked and the Magog ships came from Argosy Station, Tarazed.
Beka: The Honor Guard's Command Center.
Rommie: And Telemachus Rhade's home base.

Rakel Ben-Tzion: Maybe Telemachus was right - it is too dangerous. Maybe I should just let him take over.
Dylan: Let him take over?!!!

Dylan: So you're saying Telemachus faked the attack so he'd have a reason to mobilize the troops?
Rommie: And now he's mounting a military coup.

Rakel: I can't believe Rhade would do something like this - he's loyal as a dog.

Dylan: Troops in the streets, the triumvirs held incommunicado - Gaheris Rhade destroyed the Commonwealth once - I'm not going to watch another Rhade destroy it again!
Rev: So what are you going to do?
Dylan: The same thing General Sani nax Rifati did six thousand years ago. I'm gonna get the military out of the republic. Time to give Telemachus Rhade a little history lesson.

Dylan: I know what I'm doing
Tyr: I strongly doubt that.

Telemachus: I understand why you did it, Dylan. Believe me, I do.
Dylan: You got this all wrong!
Telemachus: Do I? I know how important this election was to you.
Dylan: Last I looked, I wasn't the one with troops in the streets.
Telemachus: Is that how you want to play this?
Dylan: I'm not playing at ANYTHING!
Telemachus: Neither am I! (draws his forcelance, fight ensues, intercut with Gaheris' and Dylan's fight)
Dylan: Rhade - listen to me! (Mexican standoff, Dylan lowers his weapon first)
Telemachus: You could have killed me. You didn't. Why not?
Dylan: Same reason you didn't kill me. Because we both know who the real criminal is!

Telemachus: If the information your AI uncovered is true, she's been planning this for months.
Dylan: She knew that her scouts would locate me eventually and bring me to Tarazed and knew there would be a referendum.
Telemachus: And instituted a contingency in case things didn't go her way. She's a bright woman - I admire her.
Dylan: Think you can verify this evidence independently?
Telemachus: Tarazed is cursed with a free press. It's hard to hide, it's harder to fake then.
Dylan: Rommie could falsify data like this easily ..... hell, if I wanted to, I could make it look like you were behind the whole thing!
Telemachus: And then you'd get everything you wanted, wouldn't you?
The Isolationists would be disgraced, there's be a new election and Tarazed would join the New Commonwealth.
Dylan: And you'd go to prison.
Telemachus: As cost-benefit ratios go, it's got a lot to recommend it.
Dylan: Betray an innocent man, gain the world and lose .... lose what, Mr. Rhade?
Telemachus: It's what I would do.
Dylan: Alright - let's end this.

Telemachus: I think I finally understand what happened to my ancestor.
Dylan: Good - so do I.

Gaheris Rhade: About this "Best Man" job .....
Dylan: Uh… yeeeees?
Rhade: Does it always involve drunken bachelor parties and half-naked dancing girls?
Dylan, sighs heavily: Pretty much, yeah.
Rhade: In that case, I accept.(he smiles)
Dylan, smiling: Good - I'm glad.
Gaheris: Thank you, Dylan. It's an honor to serve with you, and an honor to be your friend.
(They shake hands and Gaheris leaves, with hands folded behind his back)

Dylan: Did I do the right thing, Rommie? Throwing it all away like that?
Rommie: You mean by arresting Rakel Ben-Tzion instead of Telemachus Rhade?
Dylan: Yeah ......
Rommie: I try not to dwell on what's right or what's wrong - it slows down my processors.
Still - one innocent man convicted, one guilty woman set free - in exchange for a fleet, a crew, the ability to protect Tarazed and a thousand other planets from genuine horror ......
Dylan: One act of betrayal to save the universe. It seems a small price to pay, doesn't it?

310, The Unconquerable Man
Written by Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz

Dylan: Are you saying I can't trust you?
Rhade: I'm saying you can't afford to take any chances.

Rhade (to Andromeda): Report - or be erased!

Rhade (to Harper): Wandering all alone in a High Guard starship - you're a brave little man.

Rhade: Maybe not everyone in this future is inferior after all.

Rhade: A man makes his own fate.

Rhade: What I want, is to make sure no more of my friends die in vain. (Spaceship explodes) ....... another dead friend.

Rhade: You're advising me to massacre my own people?

Tyr (to Rhade): Who could ever imagine that the Angel of Death that struck down the Nietzschean Alliance was one of our own.

Rhade: Our people were meant to be living gods, warrior-poets who roamed the stars bringing civilization, not cowards and bullies who prey on the weak and kill each other for sport. I never imagined they'd prove themselves so inferior. I didn't betray our people – they betrayed themselves.

Rhade: You can lead a Nightsider to water, but you can't make him spawn.

Rhade: Mission Log Entry, day four-oh-one: To date, my efforts to restore order to the known worlds returned less than optimal results.

Rhade: The only way for a Nietzschean to improve himself, is to engage in continual self-assessment.

Rhade: Everything is about politics.
Dylan: Everything? Friends? Family?
Rhade: Everything!

Rhade: I trust them to be Nietzscheans.

Rhade: Nietzscheans used to say we acted out of enlightened self-interest.
The problem with Bolivar and his ilk is that they've forgotten the most important word, enlightened!

Rhade: You know the old saying: Keep your friends close; Keep your enemies under constant surveillance.

Rhade (to Beka): I learned the hard way - you shouldn't cling to things you can't change.

Rhade: If there's one thing a Nietzschean understands, it's loyalty.

Beka: But this thing between us - it can't work.
Rhade: Mmmmm .... story of my life.

Rhade (to Beka): I don't suppose you have any witty, but only marginally helpful, bon-mots to offer?
Beka: No. I wish I did.

Rhade: See you round the universe.

Rhade: History will judge me a traitor for what I am about to do, but if he fails, if Dylan fails, imagine how they'll judge him.
Trance: With silence.

408, Conduit to Destiny
Written by Lawrence Myers

Rhade: Beka, you've got to finish with style.
Beka: Style's not my style.
That was too easy!
Rhade: My kind of fight! It's more convenient when their spirits' already been broken.
Beka: Don't you feel bad locking them back up in the stinkhole?
Rhade: Sympathy for a derelict elite? It is pointless like indigestion
Beka: Indigestion isn't pointless - a circle is pointless.
Rhade: Now you sound like Harper! *webmaster is confused ...... *

Rhade: She's right. This woman could be part of the previously mentioned unsavory group determined to terrorize the people.

Dylan: Ahem - Beka, Rhade - you work with Rommie.
We'll let you know the second the little degenerate's freedom is over.

Rhade: Viscious Killers? Ha! I've seen better fights from ........ purse snatchers!
Beka: Purse snatchers probably get better nutrition than these guys in their prison food. And incidentally, as a former purse snatcher, I resent that comment.
Rhade: You were a purse snatcher?
Beka: Well, actually, the term we preferred was active secondhand salvage removers.

Trance: Did you feel her anger? The intensity?
Dylan: Right now - I'm feeling my own confusion, turning into my own anger.

Dylan: What do you know - holographic architecture!

Beka: Which way did they go?
Trance: I can't tell - I'm not sensing anything.
Rhade: I am, unfortunately. A person with my Nietzschean sense of smell - that way is the sewer.

Rhade: It's all we've got.
Harper: Well, that is stating the obvious .......(muttering) Nietzscheans!

Rhade: Let me get this straight: Tetraglyphs say an unknown conduit is meant to unite an unknown symbiont to the Gol-Rashen, (Dylan nods) resulting in this entire planet being saved from eternal civil war?
Dylan: Just goes to show you don't believe every tetraglyph you read.

Rhade: So what do you think tipped the balance?
Allowed these ?rupture kids? to take over the planet?
Dylan: Probably .... their ?ruptedness?.
The Ch’kadau had never been exposed to greed or savagery before - they didn't know how to protect themselves.
Rhade: I admire your shrewd observation

I don't really feel that Rhade's dialog is in character in this episode.

410, Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter
Written by Naomi Janzen

Dylan: Don't beat yourself up.
Rhade: A Nietzschean never beats himself up – we're self-absorbed, not masochistic.

Rhade: So, this place we're going – sturdy, hardy, tests survival skills. I think I'm going to like it.
Beka: Clamp down on the Nietzschean observations, will you?

412, Spider's Stratagem
Written by Bob Engels

Rhade: I admire your instinctive insight into smuggling, Beka.
Beka: That'd be experience, Rhade - Not all of us are goody-goody academy pinheads.

416, Lost in a Space That Isn't There
Written by Naomi Janzen, Paul & Larry Barber
Excerpts by Ethlie Ann Vare, Paul & Larry Barber, Naomi Janzen, Emily Skopov & Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Beka has just left the command deck to take a shower.
Rhade: Maybe that shower idea is not so bad.
Dylan and Rommie stare at him.
Rhade: Alone!

Rhade (reading Harper's sign): "Happy Anniversary!
Harper: You CAN read!

Rhade: Harper, can I ask you something?
Were you going to invite me? Was there an invitation that Rommie, Dylan and Trance received that was somehow lost to me?

Rhade (being the practical Nietzschean):
I would eject her from the ship - straight out the airlock - Sir!

Upon learning that Beka is possessed
Rhade: And I thought she was simply out of her mind.

Trance on how to make The Abyss leave Beka's brain
Trance: And that is to make he unappealing.
Rhade: Dead is unappealing.

Rhade: I used to think you either were born unpleasant - or something made you that way. I find you confusing at best, but I came here to learn, and I think the real Beka has much to teach.

Rhade: Well, Sir - Trance is a mystery, but she understands the Abyss in ways none of the rest of us do. I even suspect she may have been a part in defeating it before. Can she defeat it in Andromeda's VR? I wonder. The question becomes: Can you risk losing Rommie, Beka and Trance and survive with only Harper and me? I think it is a mystery that answers are found - you must trust the only remaining source of it in order to save the whole.
Dylan: Rhade - permission to speak freely more often - once we have more oxygen.

Beka: Aye, aye, Captain Hunt.

417, Abridging the Devil's Divide
Written by Gordon Michael Woolvett

Harper to Rhade: I think you have rocks in your head.
Rhade: Why don't I head butt you so you can be certain?
Harper: Oh, I'm certain alright. In fact, on heavy-gravity worlds, does your head get sucked to the ground first?
Rhade: Insulting a Nietzschean is not healthy for a human's health - especially one so itsy-bitsy.
Dylan: Remind me never to take you two on a side mission again.
Rhade: Tiny, give me a position on this courier ship.
Harper: Courier ship? I don't see one, Fathead.

Templar: A Nietzschean protecting a human! Too bad you can't tell a loser situation when you see one.
Rhade: A loser situation? I only see a loser.
Harper: Ha!

Templar: You're going to regret your inbred stupidity!

Stark: I was just about to commend your captain on dumping that trash in dreadlocks, but it seems he's traded it in for just more of the same. Your name is?
Rhade: Telemachus Rhade.
Stark: Good strong name. You keep repeating it to yourself - concentrate - make it your personal mantra - it'll help.
Rhade: With what?
Stark: A slow death.

Stark(to Harper): You are the wheat my son, and you (to Rhade), you are the chaff, and the chaff must be separated from the wheat.

Stark about Rhade: Throw him in the scrubber - see if it can scrub the Nietzschean out of him.

Templar to Rhade in the scrub: Enjoying your accommodations?
Rhade: Time for another dance?
Templar: I wish!

Harper: Rhade - how are you doing?
Rhade: You saved my life - thank you.
Harper: Thank ME? NO, no no no no - thank YOU! You gave yourself up for me and the Maru to a bunch of racist freaks - I owe you.

Dylan: Rhade, you look bad.
Rhade: I'll feel better when I bury my bone blades in the Patriarch's neck.
Dylan: Careful – don't let anger cloud your judgment ..... but, in this case, it's good to have goals.

Dylan: Rhade - how long do you think you can tough it out?
Rhade: As long as you need.
Dylan: It's not you I'm worried about.

Rhade: You have a better chance of making make it on your own. Don't worry - I can handle whatever the Templars throw at me.

Stark about Harper: He's quite simple for such an intelligent young man, isn't he?
Rhade: He made your fiction real.
Stark: Ah - your whole race will soon be fiction along with all that other genetically altered filth.

Harper: You got treated like crap down there and I didn't even stop to notice - I'm no better than the Patriarch.
Rhade: Yes you are, Harper. You thought what you were doing was right - for the betterment of humanity.
Harper: Yeah - so did the Patriarch.
Rhade: Hmmmm ......... good intentions. The devil doesn't tempt us with measly offerings. He knows what we want most - what you wanted most.
Harper: You believe in the devil?
Rhade: He's in every one of us, right here (points to own temple), aching to get out, but this (pointing to Harper's heart) is what you have to listen to - understood?
Harper: You're pretty enlightened for a ..... you know what? I'm never gonna make another Nietzschean joke again!
Rhade: Yes you will.

418, Trusting the Gordian Maze
Written by Paul & Larry Barber

Rhade: Where the hell is that spiky-haired little midget?

Rhade: Harper was supposed to adjust my stabilizers so it looked like I had an accident - not so I'd actually have one!
Dylan: In the future, I'll be more specific with him.

Beka: (referring to the Maru) Hey, Rhade, don't ding it up!
Rhade: How could you tell?
Beka: (stroking the Maru's wall) He didn't mean that.

Indra: If I die, I'll die in good hands.
Dylan: Yes - but will you die happy?

Indra: And you - are you in love?
Dylan: With love - always.
Indra: With anyone in particular?
Dylan: Not yet.

Rhade: There's a price to pay for doing the right thing but an even higher price for doing the wrong thing.

Dylan: It has made them a little eccentric.
Rhade: That's not the word I would choose.
Dylan: Well, that, Rhade, is why Nietzschean diplomats are in short supply.

420, Time Out of Mind
Written by

Rhade: Some actually value wealth of knowledge over material wealth, Harper.
Harper: And some already have all the knowledge we need. We value silence over stupid questions.
Rhade: So, why are you still talking?

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