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23 June 2006
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A Bacic Connoisseur's Guide to Andromeda ......

... sounds better than The Moron's Guide to Bacic Andromeda Episodes, right?

This page is intended for those who can't remember all the tiny details - like in which episode Rhade got stuck to the ceiling - or in which episode did Trance kiss him?

In your browser, you just press "ctrl + F2", (apple +F for MAC people) enter the word you are looking for - board for example, press enter and hopefully, the word is on this page, and you should find it.

And killing two birds with one stone, it will also try documenting Rhade's uniforms and other apparel.

Andromeda 1x01 - Under the Night
The episode where Gaheris dies - the first time of many.

Memorable moment: Smiling friends walking along the hallway.
Memorable line: Dylan to Gaheris: “I take it back. You're not a cynic, you're a romantic.”
Apparel: The maroon jacket and tan pants
Owies: The BIG one - forcelance blast to the chest - or stomach, depending on whether you go by the shot or the scorchmark on the jacket.
Keywords: Whirlwind, Gerentex

Andromeda 1x05 - Double Helix
The episode where Tyr gets some and Rhade talks about getting some while playing Go with Dylan.

Memorable moment: Dylan catches him cheating.
Memorable line:
Dylan: “Three years we've been playing this game. Have you always been cheating?”
Rhade: “Haven't you?”
Apparel: Tan pants and dark blue turtleneck - the one usually worn under the maroon jacket.
Owies: Perhaps a slightly crushed hand when Dylan catches him cheating?
Keywords: Freya, Paul Johansson

Andromeda 1x15 - Forced Perspective
The flashback episode when Dylan and Gaheris meet for the first time and go on a black ops mission together and Rhade saves Dylan's life.

Memorable moment: Rhade and Dylan and Venetri playing deadly hopscotch.
Memorable line: Rhade: “I said I admire him. I didn't say I like him better than me.”
Apparel: Maroon jacket/tan pants; on the mission, red sweater with piping and grey pants.
Owies: None - but Dylan gets shot up a bit.
Keywords: Admiral Stark

Andromeda 2x08 - Home Fires
The episode where Dylan meets Gaheris Rhade's genetic reincarnation, Telemachus Rhade on Tarazed

Memorable moment: Dylan's expression on seeing Telemachus
Memorable line:
Tyr: “Telemachus Rhade isn't just any human. He's the product of sixteen centuries of selective breeding!”
Keywords: Tarazed

Andromeda 4x13 - The Warmth of an Invisible Light
The alternate reality episode where Evil Harper rules and Rhade is his second-in-command. Beka is rebel general Valentine, and everyone believes Dylan is an explosive replica of the dead hero Dylan Hunt.

Memorable moment(s): Rhade growling each time Harper hits him
Memorable line:
Chief Rhade: “There's just one problem - I don't take orders from cowards! ”
Dylan: “One, two, three - BOOM! ”
Apparel: The red v-neck shirt; Evil Rhade: Black high-collared, zippered black jacket.
Owies: Hit twice by Commander Harper, fighting with Dylan
Keywords: Embender, Dylan the Explosive Android Decoy, tour guide (a relative of C3P0?)

Andromeda 4x19 - A Symmetry of Imperfection

Memorable moment: Rhade stuck to the ceiling
Memorable line:
Apparel: Shortish black jacket, with a zipper; THAT grey T-shirt
Keywords: Rommie shuts herself down

Andromeda 5x06 - When Goes Around

Memorable moment: The Rain
Memorable line:

Andromeda 5x07 - Attempting Screed
The episode where Rhade finally gets the girl / woman / female

Memorable moment: Rhade finally gets the girl / woman / female
Memorable line:
Keywords: Bird Hat

Andromeda 5x08 - So Burn the Untamed Lands
The episode where Harper whacks Rhade with a board - and the Andromeda crew save some slave mine workers - and Dylan gets kissed - AGAIN!

Memorable moment: The whack of course!
Memorable line:
Owies: The whack, of course!
Keywords: balsa board

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