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15 April 2008
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Lives or Dies? BEWARE - SPOILERS!

Steve dies a lot in his movies and on tv - sometimes deservedly, other times not - so I thought it might be fun to make a list to find out whether he lives or dies the most. As I haven't seen all his work, I can't tell the outcome of episodes and films I haven't seen.

You have to mouse over the A to see the Answer.

This page was inspired by a Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa fansite - now THERE'S a guy who dies A LOT!

It seems like Steve dies a lot, but his recent comedies have tipped the scales towards survival, so in the movies it's now Dead: 10, Alive: 18!


Title Role Fate
first image 6th Day Johnny Phoenix Dies from a broken neck in a football game - a replica lives - but gets liver cancer
Afghan Knights Pepper Lives - but might need a psychiatrist
All she Wants for Christmas James Emerson Lives - no danger ATALL in this one
Another Stakeout Frank Sutter Lives and may still help women in need - but don't count on it. That flirty female DA might have put him off
Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever Agent Fleming Lots of people die in this one - but not Steve! He just gets choked a bit by Banderas
Battlestar Galactica - Razor Colonel Jürgen Belzen Dies - point blank bullet to the head
Born to Run Groom at wedding party Alive - Last seen dancing and defending his new bride from wanted attention - with a beer bottle to the guy's face. Great start to a marriage!
The Colt Sergeant Longacre Alive, but saddened by the circumstances of civil war.
Deadly Sins Eric Dead - cruelly stabbed to death for making out in the wrong gazebo.
 Deception aka
Max Lives - and gets the girl!
Deck the Halls Nick St. James Lives - and still handing out Christmas presents.
Encrypt Lapierre Dies - a knife to the gut and a broken neck for good measure
Firefight aka
Jonas Lives - but with a bad conscience and not a lot of money.
Good Luck Chuck Howard Lives - no danger ATALL in this one
aka Bounty Hunters 2
Peter Carlos Amazingly enough, he's last seen alive but unconscious.
Heaven's Fire Rudy Dead!
 In the Lake of the Woods Lieutenant Last seen alive and gunning down villagers.
John Tucker Must Die Skip #1 Lives - no danger ATALL in this one
L.A.P.D. Richard Wade Alive - getting a second chance with his marriage and moving to Oregon.
Odysseus - Voyage to the Underworld Eurylochus Dies - bitten to death by harpies/vampires
Quarantine Joe Blake Dead - shot
Safe Harbor Sam Wyatt Alive - and headed for jail
 She Stood Alone:
The Tailhook Scandal
Boomer Never in any danger
Shipment, The Jimmy Dead - head down in a pile of dirt within the first 30 minutes.
Threshold Frank Hansen Dead as a squashed bug (axe to the chest and left on exploding ship)
Tooth Fairy Cole Dead - head torn off by the tooth fairy
Voyage of Terror Alex Reid Lives after recovering from a nasty deadly disease - but lost his wife.
X2 Hank McCoy aka Beast Lives - he's a soooperhero!


Series Title Season/episode title Role Fate
 21 Jump Street
Tommy Boylan Lives a happy productive recycle-oriented life, probably
Adventure Inc. 1x01,
"Bride of the Sun"
Stefan George Dead - zapped by energy beam from ancient altar or crushed by jeep - or both.
Andromeda 1x01,
"Under the Night"
Gaheris Rhade Dies - forcelance shot to the gut/chest
Andromeda 1x05
"Double Helix"
Gaheris Rhade Alive in the flashback - dead in the current timeline
Andromeda 1x15,
"Forced Perspective"
Gaheris Rhade Alive in the flasback episode - dead in the current timeline
Andromeda 2x08 - #30,
"Home Fires"
Gaheris/Telemachus Rhade Gaheris dies as usual but Telemachus lives
 Andromeda 3x10 - #54,
"The Unconquerable Man"
Gaheris Rhade Lives and then dies twice, killing his younger self and letting himself be killed by Dylan Hunt
Andromeda Season 4 Telemachus Rhade Recurring character - lives. Gets beaten up, strangled a bit and electrocuted a bit, but nothing fatal.
Andromeda Season 5 Telemachus Rhade Never gets killed, beaten up some by Dylan and others
Associates, the 2x03 - #16,
"Take This Job ...."
Mark Haven't seen it - but he's in one more episode, so I guess he doesn't die
Associates, the 2x04 - #17,
"The Hitler Paradox"
Mark Haven't seen it - but not the dying kind of series
 BeastMaster 2x12 - #34
"Tao's Brother"
Kim Dead - an arrow in the back - trying to protect his brother
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction 4x09 - #34
"The Wealthy Widow"
Dirk Sidwell Dead - a box drops on his head
Black Sash 1x02
"Jump Start"
Hector Alive - and still baaaaad
Blade 1x05, 1x06 Frederick Alive - and still goooood
Call of the Wild 1x12
"Molly Brown"
Oscar Deville Alive - finds gold and after a bath and a haircut he even gets a girl!
Cold Feet 1x02
"A Thong, a Potty and a Napoleon"
Chipper Smith Haven't seen it - but it's not the dying kind of series
 Commish, the 3x15 - #59
"Father Eddie"
Tito Alive - and in jail for murder
CSI: Miami 5x20,
Rod Vickers Lives - just bruised a little from his stuntman job
Da Vinci's Inquest 1x02
"Little Sister"
Uniform #3 Alive - and practicing his police craft - he was never in any danger
Dark Angel 1x21
Soldier #2 Alive - as alive as a sexual fantasy can be
Earth: Final Conflict 3x16 - #60
"Through Your Eyes"
Scott Pierce Alive - and on the way to recovery - hopefully
ER 13x18,
"Photographs and Memories"
Derek Marchak Lives - but his wife dies and he loses his truck and his job
First Wave 1x16
"The Undesirables"
Unnamed Gua Last seen drinking with another Gua
 Flash Gordon 4 episodes Prince Barin Lives - and fights to free his people
Highlander 5x09 - #95
"Little Tin God"
Luke Dead and decapitated - there can be only one!
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 3x01 - #45
"Honey, Name That Tune"
Freddy Alive - and hopefully a capitalist
Jeremiah 1x15
"Ring of Truth"
Gregory, circus ringmaster Alive - and riding his elephant
Just Cause 1x05
"Lama Hunt"
Al Sutherland Alive - and still a father
Just Deal 2x04 - #17
"School Prayer"
Coach Lives and coaches soccer and teaches responsiblity and obeying laws
 Just Deal 2x10 - #23
"Woman's Work"
Coach Lives and coaches soccer and teaches cooking, cleaning, dancing, caring for babies, and not being macho, and contraceptives
Just Deal 3x02 - #28
Coach Lives and teaches about safe sex
Just Deal 3x06 - #32
"Conscientious Objections"
Coach Lives and coaches soccer
Luchadores, Los 1x15
"The Champ"
Rodney the Ranger Last seen lying on the ground, probably just unconscious.
M.A.N.T.I.S. 1x02
"Tango Blue"
Aquino We never see him die - but doing what he does, I don't think he's going to last long.
Masters of Horror 1x12
"Haeckel's Tale"
Edward Ralston Alive - but shocked and disgusted - and still a widower.
 Millennium 1x16
Deputy Kevin Reilly Alive - but sad
Mutant X 2x13 - #35
"Within These Walls"
Nick Maddox Dead - electrocuted during a fight
Mysterious Ways 2x22 - #44
"Something Fishy"
Ralph Alive - and rebuilding a town
Net, The 1x10
Cam Waverly Alive - possibly seeking a new spiritual leader ....
NightMan 2x21 - #43
"NightWoman Returns"
Raoul Marquez Alive and On his way to jail
 Night Visions 1x16
"My So-Called Life and Death"
Handyman Alive - but probably very afraid of ghosts
Out of Order 1x03
"The Art of Loss"
Out of Order 1x04
"Losing My Religion"
Out of Order 1x05
"Follow the Rat"
Outer Limits 2x07 - #29
"First Anniversary"
Roy Alive - and headed for one year of bliss and then ......
 Outer Limits 3x01 - #45
"Bits of Love"
Griff Alive - if you can say a hologram is alive - else he's been dead the whole time
Profit 1x03
Seth Alive - and working for a nervous boss
Romeo! 3x09
"Tee'd Off"
Mitch Sullivan Alive - and probably still cheating at golf
Sentinel 3x15 - #45
"Finkelman's Folly"
Joe Brock Alive - and headed for jail
Smallville Season One, episode #1,
Frank the Mechanic Electrocuted - killed by the power of the weekly geek
Stargate SG-1 3x20 - #64
"Maternal Instinct"
Major Coburn Alive - the last time we saw him - but where did he go?
Stargate SG-1 4x08 - #74
"The First Ones"
Major Coburn Alive as far as we know
 Stargate SG-1 8x01_02 - #156 & 157
"New Order"
System Lord Camulus Alive
Stargate SG-1 8x04 - #158
"Zero Hour"
System Lord Camulus Last seen alive, but headed into the vengeful clutches of Baal ......
Street Justice 1x02
'Loco' Louis Parades Lives ...
Street Justice 1x11
'Loco' Louis Parades .... but is shot in this episode
Street Justice 2x01 - #23
"Death Warmed Over"
'Loco' Louis Parades Lives - but only in dreams
Twilight Zone 1x16
"How Much Do You Love Your Kid?"
Ted Saicheck Dead - shot by his wife for trying to improve his family's economy in a very stupid way.
 Viper 2x06 - #18
Parker Dead - shot by the wounded heroine
Viper 4x04 - #60
"Holy Matrimony"
Dirk Minyard Alive - and enjoying the spoils
Whistler Episodes 5, 6, & 7 Adam Lawson Alive - but not getting any ...
X-Files 2x23 - #47
"Soft Light"
Officer #2 Dead - melted into a puddle
X-Files 3x17 - #66
Agent Collins Probably alive - but with nasty burns
X-Files 5x19 - #116
"Folie a Deux"
SWAT Commander Alive - and on his way to the next S.W.A.T. job

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