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One on one in the Andromeda Cafeteria

Meretean with iPod and Steve, 83 kb During my visit to the Andromeda set in Vancouver, December 2004, I managed to pin down Steve Bacic for an interview, and after a little editing, this is what remains .....

07 June 2006


Onstage at SG-7, 83 kb How did you feel about your first invitation to a convention?
Actually – it was Bryan Coney’s [Wolf Events], the first one, it was Stargate (SG7 in February 2004) – and I was excited. It was going to be fun, and I knew a couple of people that were going there. I was a little nervous when I entered the first session, the talk, cause I was there from Andromeda and everybody was wearing Stargate uniforms, so that was tough. But other than that.

  • I can see you’ve developed your own style for conventions – audience participation and teaching the original pronunciation of your name!
  • Yeah! (laughing) yeah – wait a minute – in Columbus I did that – I got a little bit of audience participation. Cause one guy, Mark Goddard, he was from Lost in Space - he was a real good storyteller, I played a lot of jokes, he had a really good sense of humor, and I started making fun of him too, 'cause we had a panel, I got the audience to go : I put my hand over Claire’s head they’d say Good, my hand over Mark’s head they’d say Bad. And then Lou Ferrigno walks in – “Lou, look what I’ve got them trained to do! Good. Bad!” They did it right away – he was laughing so. That was fun. Whenever possible, audience should participate I think. They need to know they should not worry about being shy – they should step up, ask question and don’t worry about it. Cause I know a lot of people are shy. A lot of people would like to ask questions.

  • How did you feel when you first walked into the room in Columbus?
    Onstage in Ohio,  kb This was the first time a group from the ILSB Club [the I Love Steve Bacic - a very unofficial fanclub] attended.
  • Scared! Very scared!. I saw Lou Ferrigno, and he saw me and it was scary – plus I was late so ….. But I walked in with the original Lois Lane and – she was nice. All the questions were for Claire, who plays Glory on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I looked over to my left, and there’s the girls: the nasty girls, the good girls and the girls in red, and I felt good. Good! Great! That’s it!

    Working on Andromeda

  • How has your life changed since becoming a regular on Andromeda?
  • It’s horrible – I used to be happy!

  • So how did you spend your time when you weren’t working then?
  • I was always working! No, my life hasn’t … I’ve been home more actually since I started Andromeda, and that’s been good – it’s been nice having a regular routine, because when I’m not working regularly, I’m working really hard at trying to work – and that’s what I’m starting right now – I’m working on working again – WHILE I’m working, so I’m very busy. … or learn lines … read the scripts and a prepare for next year. That’s what I’ve been doing lately.

  • Have you ever filmed a Rhade scene, thinking “He’d never do this!” and fought to have it changed? And if you did, did you succeed in having it changed?
  • Very few times would I say “this isn’t something I would do as a character”. There has been a couple of times and I have been successful – OR the director will bring some clarity to it – but it depends on the day. If there’s too many people working, and it’s not a huge point, if it’s not important, I don’t bother. You know, it’s about the scene, about the story, it’s not necessarily just about my character.

  • Could you please tell my about your suggestion for Telemachus Rhade’s backstory and how would he feel if he knew about Gaheris’ betrayal?
  • Telemachus learns about it in Home Fires, but he learns that he was a hero, or he thinks he’s a hero, and he’s informed, we assume, by the Collectors or someone else, that Gaheris was actually a traitor, because when he comes back in season four, I say to Dylan, in spite of what’s my ancestor’s done, I’m not like him, I’m a new Nietzschean, one that can be trusted and blah, blah, you know ….. Was it a ploy, was it a trick? Probably - my assumption is, that he DID find out what was supposedly the truth about Gaheris and that he was a traitor, no one knows that Gaheris had actually had had an opportunity but couldn’t organise the Commonwealth and went back and literally killed himself so that Dylan could have a shot at it.
  • Because in the episode Unconquerable Man, there IS a scar on Gaheris’ hand when they wheel him out to his family, so it actually DID happen.
  • Only the audience would know that. The crew would never know that, that Gaheris was actually not necessarily a traitor. When you think about it, Gaheris was absolutely right about the magog, he was the first one to identify that they were not to be trusted, right? Good old Gaheris – he’s a hero. He was the most evolved Nietzschen there was, because he was able to self sacrifice.
  • He sacrificed himself for the Nietzschen people – not just for himself, so …
  • No – for ALL of the Commonwealth – it wasn’t for the Nietzschean people. Gaheris realised - and Telemachus realises this year – that the Nietzscheans are a flawed race, because survival at all cost is no way to survive. He cannot be left alone. What’s the point of surviving?

  • You wanted the backstory on Telemachus – I think it’s going to play out … in the rest of the season, ah … but you’ll learn that he had a wife and children …
  • We saw that in the bar when he gave up drinking. Did he lose his family before joining Dylan?
  • Oh, yes! What happened was that they were killed in an accident – supposedly an accident – I never see the bodies, then, basically, he goes from being an admiral, or triumvirate on Tarazed, to a lieuetenant commander, he was demoted. My assumption was by the collectors. And then they were in cahoots with Tyr, trying to remove Telemachus, and there’s a whole trap set up before Andromeda just happpens to come by and rescue him. So their trap failed and he survived and he joined the Andromeda. The whole time, nobody knows anything about my past. Because of the family situation - he never actually really bonded with his family, once they were dead it was too late and that point of time, that’s when he threw himself into his work and became commander of the triumvir on Tarazed, and it was bacically all about career, …. and probably while his family was alive, it was all about career – then they were late ….. so all he ever wants, now, is to make that right, but it takes him a long time – we can’t talk about this now , because it’s towards the end of the season … you have to watch it – I can’t tell you any more. But basically, it’s a lot of skeletons in his closet that he doesn’t want to reveal.
  • But we get to see it in season five?
  • Hopefully – depending on the editing..
  • The can’t remove that!
  • Oh, they could. You can do a lot in editing.

  • If there ever was a spin-off of Andromeda, what would you like to see? With Rhade of course. I know everybody like the Nietzscheans, so they would like to see more of Nietzscheans.
  • I would actually prefer that it was a continuation of him actually trying not to be so much a Nietzschean, you know, being able to … along the lines of where he is an alcoholic, cause he – all his defenses were down …. he stopped being so pragmatic, so stiff and all those other things, but also being aware again, that true survival isn’t about self-preservation, but taking care of each other, you know, and then making difficult decisions based on that, and , you know, - yeah – I would love - it would be great to have a show, but – maybe where he can re-unite the Commonwealth, but basically be more of a leader in terms of evolved thinking and kicking some butt. And getting the ladies – and drinking ……NO DRUGS though!
  • I saw you say “Give me the purple girl!” in an interview on an Andromeda DVD.
  • I want the purple girl. They didn’t want to put Rhade and the purple girl together. It would have been awful. They did write an episode – it was a fantasy – an episode where it was all fantasy and and it was Gordon’s fantasy - or memories – they were kind of distorted and there was a scene where we were supposed to kiss.
  • Was that in the library?
  • Yes. And then it was written out. One draft is was in and then it was written out.

  • Who is the biggest practical joker on the set?
  • I don’t know who the biggest practical joker is, but who is at the end of everyone’s jokes? ME! I get picked on more than anybody!
    I LET everybody do it.

    Acting – in general

  • What’s the most difficult things you’ve ever done as an actor?
  • Ah …. you know – being scared – is probably the most difficult thing. The expression of being scared … to do it, you know – properly – without looking like a fool. As far as acting goes – looking scared is one of the harder things.

  • But you did a very good job at looking terrified in X-Files – in the Pusher episode.
  • Yeah – because it had a real physical thing to it. It was more a combination of being cold and wet and just a mental idea of what it would be like to burn.
    I’m talking about more if it was a fictional thing …. It’s not like if it was monsters, like cgi – its like blue screen or green screen – you don’t see them and reaction sort … to me, that’s difficult. Ah – if it’s dialog and there’s no one there, it’s fine, but if it’s supposed to be something that you’re reacting to, like ah – no, that would be too hard.

  • I know you upgraded your riding skills for The Colt – are there any other skills you’ve had to learn to use for a role?
  • Ah – not really ….. in the Sixth Day, I did have a mini football camp where I got to play football with some pros. I was playing quarteback in the movie, so I had to look like I could drop back and do my thing and that’s about it.
  • Are you more of a basketball player?
  • Yes – I used to be. I used to actually play on the set here , but they won’t let me anymore cause … too sweaty.
  • Which teams were the players from – the ones that were used in 6th day?
  • There were about 7 stunt football players who used to play in the NFL, various teams, and there was a bunch of players from the BC Lions which is a professional team in Vancouver and the rest were from the University of British Columbia, their football team – so there were probably about 80.

  • When Viggo Mortensen acted with horses in Lord of the Rings and Hidalgo, he was so happy about the horses that he bought them – did you feel anything like that? Or did you hate it?
  • No, I … we rode on civil war saddles and they felt like riding on a two by four so I had no problem with Joey – he was a good horse, but the saddle I wanted to burn (laughs). Actually, I thought about it – that particular horse, it was a good horse but it was kind of worn out. I didn’t really fall in love with the horse per se, but the little colt – yeah, definitely, I would have loved to get the colt, but it needs more land and more money. Be good for the kids.

  • You wanted to be a coach and you played a coach in Just deal. You wanted to be a businessman and you played one in Mysterious Ways, the “Something Fishy” episode, anything else you played that you wanted to do in real life?
  • Anything that I’ve played that I would like to do in real life? Ehhhh – not really. There’s roles still that I’d like to do ….’
  • Like? While you’re still a young feller?
  • Yeah – exactly. You know, the stuff that would be along the lines of Mission Impossible or even X-Men, the plainest superhero – doing Spiderman – that would be a blast.
  • Tell me what to do to get you into X3?
  • Email, keep emailing. If everyone emailing one friend, and so on and so on, and they all attack Marvel or whoever they have to attack – you know – It’ll be good. You know, apparently, it’s coming HERE, and they’re starting preproduction in March – and I haven’t heard anything ….. More people in Columbus asked me about that than anything – you know – so …
  • Yes – we want you ….
  • It would be fun – I’d have a good time with that cause there’s a lot of physical behavior I think that I can incorporate into Beast – that I can actually do you know – they won’t have to cgi it. They would see a man ape at work (laughing)

  • You’ve worked on several Stephen J. Cannell productions : 21 Jump Street, The Commish, Street Justice and Profit. Had you met him before filming with him Threshold? I know he’s an important person in the Canadian tv industry – how was it working with him?
  • No, I’d never met Stephen before Threshold. He was a lot of fun. He was a friend of the director’s who was Chuck Berman, and he was fun . I had a good time – making jokes – at his expense, you know – first day we met.
  • It’s funny – he’s the head honcho of a big company, and he wanted to go act.
  • He likes to act - he likes to hang out. I mean - I don’t even know if he was getting paid. He just did it as a favor to Chuck – he had his own private jet, you know. “I’m going home, I’m flying”, “What time’s your flight?”, “Whenever I want it” – okay! He gave me a nice cigar, we smoked on his boat – a big boat we were shooting the movie on. I haven’t seen the movie yet.
    Nooo! It’s hard to get copies. They never give you copies – you keep having to track them down. Stephen was great – we actually ended up becoming sorta like friends, acquaintances, and we still talk. He called me about a month ago and asked me to do a movie here – a horror flick, it was called Rage, which I couldn’t do cause I was working here(on Andromeda). So we still stay in touch.
  • He’s still thinking of you.
  • Yeah – he is. Sure. It’s the system – he knows me, I know them
  • Like Kevin said – it’s who you know.
  • Always – always. Nepotism is big.

  • Would you ever consider doing stagework?
  • I always consider stagework, but there’s no money in it, and unfortunately, it has become about economics. There are expenses, you know – to survive. There’s no money in stage here, no money in stage in England, stage anywhere, unless you get to Broadway and you do one of those huge shows – and even that – it’s tough. But it’s probably much more rewarding.
  • Exactly. It’s entertaining.

  • Do you have any favorite comedians?
  • Chris Rock. Chris Rock is one of my favorites for sure.
  • I was kinda thinking of the old guys ….
  • Bill Cosby.
  • The REALLY old guys
  • Red Sketon. Do you know Red Skelton?
  • Like Laurel and Hardy and Marx Brothers and …..
  • OH! Oh – they are more like comedians – I thought you meant stand up! I used to watch The Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy – even the little Rascals. You guys get to see the Little Rascals? You know the little Rascals? Alfalfa? I used to love that stuff.

  • Ever felt like slugging a director?
  • Ah no - a director – no! Other actors – yes!

  • What drives you crazy about the acting business?
  • Primadonnas. Divas.
  • But there are none of those here, right?
  • Everyone’s a diva sometimes.

  • What skill do you have that’s not been used on camera?
  • I pretty much think I’ve done everyting. Yeah. Well, actually, when I was younger, I would have loved to do a basketball film. A basketball film would be good – any sports is good – anything athletic. That’s why I want to do the action-stuff before I get too old.

  • Do you read your own reviews?
  • No. I don’t necessarily like reading too much stuff - because then you can start getting hooked on it, start forming opinons about things, about what other people think about you. And it doesn’t really matter, some people are going to hate you and some people are going to really like you, so although it’s just their opinions, and if you start listening to them, you can get really confused and hurt and the rest of it I know people have written bad things – so I tend to sort of …. even the good stuff – if you hear too much good stuff … you might start believing all of it, and that’s when you get a huge ego and your head gets too big and I don’t ever want that to happen, so ……
  • You just have to go back to your parents and let your friends beat you up to avoid your ego growing too big.
  • Exactly! No, I get beaten up enough – as you noticed.

  • Is there a question you would like to respond to that no one had ever asked you?
  • Nah ...... Nah.
  • (laughing) Okay.

  • Have you ever heard yourself dubbed into another language?
  • No, I haven’t. Actually, Kevin gave me the Japanese version of Andromeda which I do have – I haven’t listened to it yet though. I rarely watch my stuff. I rarely watch anything I do. I like doing it – don’t always like watching it.

  • What’s the best thing your parents taught you – aside from good work ethics?
  • The best thing they taught me? I guess it’s Always Be Prepared For a Rainy Day.
  • And you needed that for moving to Vancouver.
  • Yes, I did . And being an actor (laughs) Cause it rains a lot on actors! Another Rhade smiley, 1 kb

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