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What people really say about Steve Bacic


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reach everyone I'd like to for comments - some of them hung up - so I've made up a few myself - what they MIGHT have said.

All fictitious comments are marked with a star - but some of them are based in truth ;-)

23 June 2006

Director Martin Wood "Could you act a little more manly and sexy, Steve?"
Martin Wood, director ==>

"I wrote that biography - I want my money!
And that date with Laura Bertram!"
Steven Eramo, journalist *

"I tell you, he's a GOOD boy!"
His Mother *

"Steve Bacic is a wuss!"
Michael Madsen, LAPD co-star * Steve Bacic and Stripe, 42 kb

"Never tell a Nietzschean his bone blades are soft and spongy" ==>
Stripe - set visit Vancouver November 2004

"Steve Bacic tans incredibly well!"
Linda, hairdresser, Andromeda *

"I'll lend him the clothes off my b ..... utt - wait - I already did!
I lent him my pants at the 9th hole - that's what buddies do for buddies who spill coffee on their pants right before they are due to stand in front of a convention audience!"
Liam, golf buddy *

"Steve sands to perfection!"
Mrs. B *

"Rarely has an actor connected with his own latent artistic abilities to such a degree, and transcended his own post-modern diversity. Steve Bacic is a poster-child for the perpetually disenfranchised, a connoisseur of the disillusioned, and his eclectic, ambiguous approach to his characters permeates the screen and reminds us that we are all mortals."
David Bjerre, reviewer extraordinaire (and I DO mean extra) Steve Bacic, Stripe and Kevin Durand from ep 517, 42 kb

"Steve who?"
Kenn, David's colleague *

"Bet you never had a Nietzschean sandwich before" ==>
Stripe - set visit Vancouver November 2004

"At least he didn't become a criminal!"
His Dad *

"Steve could have burned a little longer - but he's a wuss!"
Rob Bowman, director *

David Winning and Steve Bacic "Here's your mark, say your line, shut up.
SHUT UP, Steve!
You're fired!"
Another Director *

"Hey, Steve, that's not water, that's GIN!!"
- DragonCon 2004
Steve is a great actor and friend and I have recently been doing some conventions with him, what a blast!
Hope to work with him many more times in the future. Our first gig together was as the hapless loser gold Prospector who hits it big on CALL OF THE WILD.

Many Happy Returns my friend.
DAVID WINNING, Director ==>

"Ooo...Steve dots his 'i' with a heart! How cute!"
Julie, SB.D., fan

Steve and Ed, 50 kb, photo  Brian  Howell

"Compared to that Bacic dude I'm quite laidback!"
Ed the Sock, footwear celebrity * ==>

"I'm prettier than Steve!
Why didn't anybody tear off MY shirt?"
Peter DeLuise, co-star and director *

"I enjoyed tearing his shirt off."
Anonymous Templar *

"Steve Bacic paid me to write that scene."
Gordon Michael Woolvett, writer, actor *

"I *hate* drawing Bacic. The drool makes all my water soluable drawing penlines run and I have to start all over again..."
Leah Rosenthal, cartoonist

Steve, to coin an old phrase, "I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception!"

Seriously, folks, this guy is "the real thing": hard working, friendly and incredibly generous. He is sincere about his fans and is grateful, yet humbled by the attention. To me, he is a treat to have as a friend. Just run like hell if he offers to show you his force lance!
Steve Bacic and Paul Brown, 50 kb
Happy Birthday pal...and many more to come.

Paul Brown ==>
Legends Memorabilia

"Thank God he didn't set my boat on fire!
I'm not ready for a Viking Funeral!"
Stephen J. Cannell, Threshold co-star, producer, author *

"He almost yanked my ear off climbing onto my neck."
Tai the Elephant *

"In my opinion Steve's verbal interpretation of a transatlantic flight loo sound was an academy award winning performance! Every time I hop on a plane, the memories of Steve making loo sounds come back."
Claudia-Janet Kaller, journalist

Steve and Hannelore "I can beat him at golf any day!"
Kevin Sorbo aka Mr. Forcelance, former boss *

"To make Steve smile is easy, just give him German chocolate!"
Hannelore Müller, ==>
Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club President

"Steve Bacic doesn't do forced funny...but he smells really good."
DonnaKat, fan

Claire Kramer, actress and convention co-panelist *

Steve Bacic and Mark Goddard "Bad"
Mark Goddard, actor and convention co-panelist * ==>

"Get outta MY CLOTHES!"
Tyr Anasazi, Nietzschean *

"Our dad is NOT a wuss!"
The Bacic Kids *

"Steve has had martial arts training - including the style called Modern Dance!"
Sybille, fan

"Steve is a sweetheart"
Anne, webmaster

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