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10 things you didn't know about Steve Bacic

- more or less .......... actually more ...

During my visit to the Andromeda set in Vancouver, December 2004, I had occasion to ask Steve to tell me 10 things about himself that fans would not already know .....

NB Remarks in parentheses are mine, not Steve's.

07 June 2006

Telemachus Picasso, original Doodle by Ervene, 41 kb Rhade painting

Enjoying the beach, Viper 2x04, 13 kb Enjoying the beach

Playing basketball, Andromeda 2x08, 13 kb Playing basketball
Me: Tell us 10 things about yourself that we donít know.
Steve: 10 things? I donít even know 10 things at all - in total!
          That you donít know? 10 things that nobody knows that I know Ö
  • Ah - my nose was broken. And rebroken.
    But a Ė letís see Ė broken nose, what else have I broken?
  • Not much Ė dislocated Ė actually compressed a vertebrae in my neck Ė from a car accident.
  • Terrified of skydiving, want to do it, canít do it. I would love to go skydiving, but Iím too scared, and now because of the kids Ė canít do it.
  • I snowboard Ė did you know that? Ďkay.
  • Painting. I paint. I like to paint. Pictures.
  • And then writing is obviously a new thing.
    Finished one script and Iíve got another one half done and about three or four other projects I want to start writing Ė but I can barely read, so writing is a hard thing for me.
    Ah Ė what else Ė what else can I tell you? Iíll think about it as we go along.
  • Oh, I was a guard in basketball. (Steve played competitively as a teenager)
  • And of course I own a bicycle.
  • Worst subject in school was English (Which is a handicap when you want to write)
  • I speak two languages, English and Croatian. (Steve spoke and wrote Croatian before English)
  • Allergic to cats.
  • Favorite type of vacation? Hot beach somewhere. The Canaries werenít bad.
  • Am I a handyman? I think so.(When he has the time)
  • No, Iíve never actually played a musical instrument. Wanted to. Bought my girl a guitar this year, she's taking guitar lessons.
Thatís more than ten!
I think ....

Me: Indeed - it's fourteen Another Rhade smiley, 1 kb

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