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It's now possible to buy Signed Personalized Photos from this website.

29 July 2009

Sailing the Slipstream

- an unofficial guide to Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, written by Jill Sherwin.

Steve Bacic, Kevin Sorbo and series creator Robert Hewitt Wolfe among others were interviewed for the book.
The book is currently Out of Print.
Visit Jill's website,
The book is more than 500 pages, coil-bound and Jill has selfpublished it.
The price is US $25 plus shipping.

Learn about Jill's other books on
Jill worked as the Assistant Script Coordinator on Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda during its first season and sold a story called "The Harper's Tale" which was produced as a second season episode called "Be All My Sins Remembered".

Movies and Tv series

There are of course all the Andromeda episodes to buy, and all Steve's movies.

Per March 13 of of 2006, the US release of Andromeda episodes (the small sets) only have on set to go to complete the series.

Sources for the region 1 DVDs:

Sources for the region 2 DVDs, from the UK:
Benson's World sometimes have Andromeda sets on sale.
So does

Sources for region 2 DVDs, from Japan:
YesAsia - site in English. - site available in English.
They sell Mutant-X episodes - not cheap though.

Sources for region 2 DVDs, from Germany: - site in German.
They sell Encrypt and Insects (aka Threshold).

Sources for region 2 DVDs, from Italy:
Unilibro - site available in English.
They sell La Preda (aka Deception).

Sources for region 2 DVDs, from Belgium:
Proxis - site available in English.

Source for the region 4 DVDs, from Australia: - NB The Andromeda region 4 small sets are without any extra materials! I don't know about their season sets.
They also have Steve's movie Encrypt and his Mutant-X episode.

Official Andromeda Stuff

Andromeda novels

I haven't read them all, but as far as I know, Rhade doesn't have a big part in any of them.


You can find wondrous - and completely useless stuff on ebay.
Like glass crystal paperweights, fridge magnets, bookmarks and collector plates.
Many of the sellers will make customized items on request.

Occasional headshots - signed or unsigned. Mainly the one from Stargate and the one from Andromeda, pictured in the Official Pictures Gallery. Or signed Andromeda collector cards.

You may also find some of the magazines Steve Bacic's been featured in.

And really useful stuff like DVDs and tapes.

And a really rare item, THE INFAMOUS BALSA BOARD. Sold on Ebay for charity and won by newbie Mishkenzie for $510.

Signed balsa board


Steve Bacic has been interviewed for some British magazines by Steven Eramo:
Cult Times Special #33, spring 2005 - Bacic Instinct, 4 pages
Cult Times #102, March 2004 - Back to Bacic's, 4 pages
TVZone, Special #58, 2004 - Celtic Pride, 3 pages - probably Eramo again
TVZone, Special #42, 2001 - Bacic Instinct, 4 pages
All of the above available from Visimag except TVZS #42.

Steve Bacic was featured in German magazine TVHighlights.
Issue 09/2004 (#120)September contained a very nice centerfold.

TVHighlights issue 11/2004 (#122)November contains a four page long interview, done in London, August 2004 by C-J Kaller. The centerfold is a poster with the whole crew of the Andromeda.

Both magazines are available from The site is in German only, so if you need help, you can send me an email.

TVHighlights issue 09/2004 (#120)September
Rhade poster, 30 kb
TVHighlights issue 11/2004 (#122)November
TVHighlights Smallville cover, 11/2004, November, 64 kb

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