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Steve Bacic on Supernatural along with Jensen Ackles

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I first really noticed Steve Bacic in the Science Fiction TV series Andromeda where he played the treacherous Nietzschean Gaheris Rhade - whom I was very disapppointed to see die in the first episode. Fortunately, that hasn't kept Bacic from making guest appearances on Andromeda, and in the last 2 seasons, he became a permanent part of the crew, playing Telemachus Rhade, a genetically identical descendant of the original Rhade.

I then realised how many other series he had guest starred in - CSI Miami, E.R., X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Earth Final Conflict, Dark Angel, Blood Ties and Smallville to mention a few - and it became a quest to find as many of the episodes as possible. Most recently, he was a guest star in four episodes of HBO's Big Love, playing Goran.

Of course the Bacic resume is not all TV series, or science fiction. Steve Bacic starred in several TV and direct-to-video movies like Firefight, Deception and The Colt, and had a recurring role in Showtime's series Out of Order. He was also on the big screen as Johnny Phoenix in The 6th Day, and briefly as Dr. Hank McCoy aka Beast in X2: X-Men United.

In 2008 -2009 he starred as captain Miro Da Silva on The Guard, a Canadian series about the work and private lives of four coast guards, and in 2009-2010 he starred as Russian mobster Pavel Korkov in the series Cra$h & Burn.

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