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Steve Bacic

- in Mutant X episode 2x13 aka #35, "Within These Walls", playing Nick Maddox.
The episode originally aired 3 February 2003.

Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) are riding shotgun on a prisoner transport, but the transport is intercepted and the prisoner, New Mutant Nick Maddox, is sprung.

Brennan is angry at Adam (John Shea) that they were not informed that the prisoner was so dangerous. Adam says he didn't know either and goes to the one who arranged the whole thing to ask for explanations.

That's Christina (Rachel Hayward) - a former Genomex colleague and lover of Adam's. She ran the division that created the assassin Maddox. Genomex took him in as an orphaned kid and trained him and developed his solar powered arrows.

He went over the line and was sent to prison and now he wants to revenge himself on the one who sent him to prison. That person just happens to be Christina. During Adam's visit, Maddox shows up, and Adam and Christina lock themselves into a vault which Nick tries to drill open. There's no way out for Adam and Christina, so Adam breaks a waterpipe so that the vault will be filled with water when Maddox opens it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Mutant X team are without contact to their leader, and are worried he's in trouble, and in need of assistance. They arrive just in time that Brennen can electrocute Maddox who is standing in the water he has just let out of the vault.

23 June 2006
Nick Maddox hooded, 25 kb
Freshly out of the hood, 26 kb
Testing if his power still works, 30 kb
Exiting the prison van, 24 kb

Exiting, 26 kb
Victoria Pratt and Victor Webster, 30 kb
Shooting at Brennan and Shalimar, 27 kb
Online rap sheet, 39 kb

Maddox and partner, 37 kb
Steve Bacic as Nick Maddox , 24 kb
Maddox close-up, 30 kb
Maddox close-up, 28 kb

Maddox close-up, 27 kb
Profile, studying the vault door, 30 kb
Arguing with his crew, 26 kb
With his female partner, 35 kb

Brennan, 31 kb
Profile, 27 kb
Testing the Wall, 34 kb
Powersource, 33 kb

Drawing Energy, 32 kb
Hands, 40 kb
Close-up, 26 kb
Close-up, 25 kb

Close-up, 24 kb
Mutant X trio, 31 kb
Mind Control, 25 kb
Profile, 27 kb

Flooded, 25 kb
Setting the explosives, 32 kb
Getting ready, 22 kb
Anticipating, 29 kb

Frustration, 25 kb
Almost ..... , 40 kb
... the End, 37 kb
Victorious, 35 kb

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