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07 June 2006
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Steve Bacic

- in Masters of Horror 1x12, "Haeckel's Tale", playing Edward Ralston
The episode originally aired in the US 27 January 2006.

Synopsis (WARNING - contains spoilers):

A wealthy man, Edward Ralston, rides up to a remote cabin and enters.
Once inside, he begs the old woman, Miz Carnation, a necromancer, to revive his recently buried beloved wife. Instead of agreeing, she tells him the cautionary tale of young medical student Ernst Haeckel. If he still wants her to revive his wife after hearing the tale, she will do so.

Ernst Haeckel was convinced he could revive people though he hadn't succeeded yet. One day he met an old necromancer, Montesquino, but he didn't believe the old man could revive people.

On his way home to see his father, he ran into a storm and a kind passerby named Walter Wolfram offered him shelter for the night in his home. Once there, Ernst was struck by the beauty of Wolfram's young wife Elise.

In the dead of night, there was a knock on the door and Wolfram opened it to reveal Montesquino. Lightly clad, Elise left with Montesquino, going to the nearby graveyard.

Hearing Elise's moans and cries, Ernst believed Montesquino was abusing her, and despite Wolfram's reassurances, he ran to save her, only to find her having sex on a grave with a zombie, her young dead former husband, and other revived zombies awaiting their turns. Wolfram followed Ernst and explained that it was with his approval, then tried to get Elise to come home but was killed by the zombies. Ernst became very angry and ended up shooting Montesquino.

Upon returning to the house, Ernst confronted a sated Elise who was nursing her baby conceived by her first dead husband. The baby jumped up and bit Ernst on the neck and he bled to death.

Returning to Ralston and Miz Carnation, Ralston is shocked by the tale - but he is even more shocked when three zombies appear behind Miz Carnation. It turns out she is the aged Elise and she had learned necromancy from Montesquino and she now lives happily with her zombie family consisting of her two husbands and Ernst and the baby.

Scared and horrified, Ralston hightails it out the door.

Steve Bacic as Edward Ralston, Micki Maunsell as Miz Carnation, 124 kb
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Steve Bacic as Edward Ralston, 29 kb
Ralston, 18 kb
Ralston, 25 kb
Ralstson, 21 kb

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Micki Maunsell as Miz Carnation, 26 kb
Ralston, 25 kb

Derek Cecil as Ernst Haeckel, 22 kb
Jon Polito as Montesquino, 335 kb
Tom McBeath as Walter, Leela Savasta as Elise, 24 kb
Leela Savasta as Elise, Christopher Delisle as her dead husband, 26 kb

Ralston surprised, 20 kb
Ralston disgusted, 22 kb
Ralston horrified, 22 kb
Elise end Ernst, 25 kb

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