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Steve Bacic

- in The Marshal 1x09 "Little Odessa", playing Peter, the silent thug.
The episode originally aired in the US 1 April 1995.

Two US Marshals working undercover, McBride and his colleague Duval, manage to capture the Russian mobster Vasili Peshkov - some compare him to John Gotti - and his two sons, Joseph and Dimitri.

Joseph and Dimitri get out on bail, and Dimitri, the older son, kidnaps Duval to pressure the authorities into releasing his father.

The feds refuse to release Peshkov, so McBride takes the matter into his own hands and gets Peshkov released into his custody. He sets up a swap, Peshkov for Duval, never intending to actually go through with it.

Meanwhile younger brother Joseph is more interested in getting rid of his father and brother and taking control of the business. He sets his henchman Peter to tail Dimitri's people. Unbeknownst to Dimitri, Joseph's people take over the swap.

The swap goes wrong and Dimitri takes a fatal bullet for his father and Peter, pretending to be Duval, is the one firing the gun. Peter himself is only wounded by the marshals' return fire.

Peshkov realises what Joseph is up to, and regrets having put his sons up against each other. He knows he has lost both his sons, and fatalistically gives McBride the location where he believes Joseph might have taken Duval to kill him. McBride shoots Joseph and Duval is saved and restored to his family.

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