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07 June 2006
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Steve Bacic

- in Los Luchadores 1x15, "The Champ", playing Rodney the Ranger
The episode originally aired in the US 30 June 2001.

Synopsis by Breann:

WARNING - contains spoilers!

It opened with a wrestling match, like normal. Lobo was facing off against another wrestler, one Rodney the Ranger. Meanwhile, there were special guests in the audience--some dignitary from a place called Belal and her young son Percy. Someone, I think bone warriors but I'm not sure, tried to steal something from the dignitary, and Rodney the Ranger was instantly after them, and he kicked their butt.

If you aren't familiar with the show, Lobo is not only an undefeated wrestler, he's also the most two-dimensional hero in the history of heroes. He's perfect in morality and in execution of it. And he's the one who always saves the day, along with his apprentice/partner/bestfriend Turbine and friend Maria.

We find out that the dignitary from Belal is lending some ancient artifact to the museum, one that supposedly carries deadly power. Then, they decide to take Percy on a tour of the city, and Lobo, Turbine, and Maria are assigned to his security. Lobo promises the dignitary that her son will be safe and she says, "I shall hold you to that." They take him to Tornados, a juice bar/club kind of thing that's very popular among both the kids and the adults. While they're there, Bone warriors show up and before Turbine and Lobo can put a dent in them, Rodney the Ranger shows up and saves the day.

Lobo refuses to speak badly of Rodney, even though he's making him look bad, but Turbine does not like him. Turbine is a firey 20-something and gets angry very easily, but Rodney is pretty obnoxious.

Then, they get a call a jewel heist and go to investigate. They get there and take out the bone warriors that were stealing the jewels, and Turbine starts badmouthing Rodney. Lobo does not. They're not in their usual uniforms, either, they're in their black "stealth" gear.

Then, Rodney gets their attention and reveals that he found some of the stolen jewels in the Loboride. Police take Lobo, but not Turbine (who was with him) away.

Next scene, Turbine and Maria are in the Lobotower, and Lobo is in jail. Turbine is flipping out and arguing with Maria while he beats up a punching bag. Laurant, the "Alfred" figure, calls them to the Lobotron, the computer. He shows them a tape of Lobo being taken away and, using holographic imaging, reveals that it was not a police officer who took him away at all, but a bone warrior! And there's also a scene where Rodney reports in to the Whelp.

Turbine busts Lobo out of jail with the "Minilaser 5000", one of his inventions. Lobo refuses to go at first, citing that he'll be found innocent and that it's not right, but then Turbine explains that Rodney's working with the Whelp and Lobo goes. They go to the banquet where the artifact is being officially revealed to the public. They get there just in time, as Bone Warriors storm the place and try to get the jewel. Rodney and Lobo wrestle, and Turbine works on the bone warriors, while The Whelp (who, if you don't know, is a little evil genius chihuahua bent on destroying Lobo) takes the artifact and puts in the jewel that supposedly activates it. All sorts of demons get loose.

Lobo beats Rodney and goes for the artifact. He gets it down, and Percy, the annoying, snotty little son of the dignitary, has to put the jewel back into the artifact as Lobo struggles to hold it together.

Happy ending. Woohoo.

The series only lasted 16 episodes and was generally slammed. Some people felt it was inappropriate for small children to watch and perhaps try to emulate the wrestlers.
Who cares if the try to emulate The Rock?

The series was inspired by Mexican wrestlers, but was filmed in Vancouver - of course. And if the show had become a success, there would have been great opportunities for tie-in sales of action figures, gadgets, model vehicles and music.

A Rodney the Ranger action figure - WOO HOO!

Steve Bacic worked with Sarah Carter (Maria Valentine) on Black Sash - I don't think they had any scenes together though.

You can read more details at International Hero.

Steve Bacic as Rodney the Ranger 25 kb
Percy and his mother, 26 kb
Rodney's toothy smile, 22 kb
Rodney and Percy's mother, 24 kb

Lobo and Turbine, 22 kb
Rodney smiling, 25 kb
Rodney taking hat off, 24 kb
Rodney pausing the fight to salute, 37 kb

Sarah Carter as Maria Valentine(no relation to Beka), Maximo Morrone as Lobo Fuerte, Levi James as Turbine
Their archenemy, The Whelp, criminal mastermind!

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