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13 March 2010
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Steve Bacic

- Crash & Burn, playing Pavel Korkov

1x01 - God Protect Us, aired 18 November 2009
1x02 - Trust, aired 25 November 2009
1x03 - Freedom ,aired 2 December 2009
1x04 - The Boss Is Coming, aired 9 December 2009
1x05 - Sunday, Bloody Sunday, aired 16 December 2009
1x06 - Forget to Remember, aired 23 December 2009
1x07 - Gone, aired 7 January 2010
1x12 - Closure, aired February 11 2010
1x13 - Til Death, aired February 18 2010


It takes a thief to catch a thief - which is why insurance claims adjuster Jimmy Burn (Luke Kirby) is so good at his job. Because he's a man with a past.

Aside from co-workers, he also has dealings with Pavel Korkov, a crook and scammer who runs a garage plus a physical therapy clinic. Pavel's clever girlfriend Sabrina is played by Ina Korobkina.


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Photos courtesy of Inna Korobkina - please visit her site at InnaKorobkina.com
Photographer: Sandy Sokolowski
Used with permission

Hrant Alianak, Ina Korobkina and Steve Bacic, 243 kb
Yaro Massout, Sabrina and Pavel Korkov
Steve, Genadijs, Inna and Hrant and Alan, 315 kb
Steve Bacic, Genadijs Dolganovs, Inna Korobkina, Hrant Alianak and Alan C. Peterson
Steve and Inna busy waiting on set, 51 kb
Enjoying a break
Steve by himself, 36 kb
Breaking by himself

Steve studying his lines, 43 kb
Never too late to learn a line
Beauty and the ... thug, 578 kb
Steve and Inna
Who's the real smoker?, 67 kb
Steve reflecting .... 249 kb
Thinking ... nice sharp hand ..

Smoking kitty, 339 kb
BAD kitty!
It's all about the tatts, 541 kb
Where's the rest?
Steve Bacic, Genadijs Dolganovs and Alan C. Peterson, 318 kb
This is a serious set!
Steve Bacic and 462 kb
Who wins the pose down?

Steve Bacic as Korkov, 365 kb
Son in law material?
Steve in a kilt, 239 kb
Yes, real men wear skirts!

Official Cra$h and Burn photos - used with permission

Crash and Burn launch party - Inna Korobkina, Steve Bacic, Leela Savasta, James Preston Rogers and ?, 28 kb
Surrounded by 4 beauties
Steve Bacic, ? and Luke Kirby, 24 kb
Great sandwich!
Steve and Leela, 21 kb
Carry on!
Steve, 16 kb

Steve Bacic and Luke Kirby, 22 kb
Steve and Luke being interviewed
Steve Bacic as Pavel Korkov, 22 kb
Korkov being serious
Steve and Luke, 30 kb
Jimmy and Pavel - friends forever

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