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Steve Bacic

- in 21 Jump Street episode 5x19, "Wasted", playing Tommy Boylan.

This was Steve Bacic's first role on TV - way back in April 1991.

Steve was in episode 100 - the show only lasted three more episodes.

When a young football player dies, it's suspected that it's because of steroids. While Captain Fuller nurses a bad cold, Mac goes undercover to find the truth. At first he suspects Tommy Boylan of dealing steroids, but it turns out the football field is saturated with benzene, seeping in from a nearby river where an unscrupulous garbage company is dumping toxic waste.

Young Tommy is fighting against the dumping, and is shocked when he finds out his own father is involved. But Boylan senior is between a rock and a hard place - dump the toxic waste or suffer the consequences as the garbage company is run by the mob.

Stephen J. Cannell is planning a DVD release for 21 Jump Street, but it will probably take a while before episode 100 is released. Let's just hope the numbers for season one are good enough that the whole series will be released.

By a strange coincidence, Steve worked with Stephen recently in the movie Threshold where Stephen played a villain named Pacheco Laval.

Steve has worked on several projects produced by Stephen J. Cannell: 21 Jump Street, Profit, Street Justice and The Commish.

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07 June 2006
First role, first scene, first line - spoken to Michael Benedetti, 36 kb
Steve Bacic as Tommy Boylan, 24 kb
Tommy, 25 kb
Tommy  and Mac, 34 kb

At his father's sickbed, 32 kb
Agreed!, 33 kb

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