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Steve Bacic

- in Safe Harbor

As Sam Wyatt

Also starring:
Tracey Gold as Detective Carly Segan - it seems the producers think Gold is the lead ;-)
Mitchell Kosterman as Detective Joe Avery

Daryl Shuttleworth as Lt. Neal Munroe
Stacy Grant as Julia Thorpe
Pamela Perry as Olivia Wyatt
Scott Heindl as Ray Oakum
Jody Racicot as Daz Cobair
Lucia Walters as Livingstone
Lisa Skinner as Mother
JoŽlle Antonissen as Young Carly
Elizabeth Smyth as Carly's Mother
John Emmet Tracy as Carly's Father
Denis Corbett as Police Detective #1 (attached)
Yolanda Corbett as Passerby (uncredited)

Directed by Mark Grifiths, written by David Golden.
Filmed in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

A Porchlight Entertainment Inc. movie of the week, aired on LifetimeTV.

Film stills by Heidi Buecking, used with permission - hopefully.

Police detective Carly Sagan grew up at Safe Harbor, a foster care home for abused children, run by wealthy Olivia Wyatt. A fact she hasn't mentioned to anyone.
When a young woman is found murdered on the Safe Harbor grounds, Carly gets the case along with her partner and friend Joe Avery.
A satanic drawing next to the body ........ a fired disguntled Safe Harbor gardener .... blackmail .... and more victims .....

Carly must face her past - and Sam Wyatt, Olivia's handsome son.

Thanks to Sybille for help with the gallery.

07 June 2006
Steve Bacic, Mitch Kosterman and Tracey Gold, 51 kb
Carly and Joe meet Sam
Steve Bacic, Mitch Kosterman, 38 kb
Joe and Sam

Carly and Joe and Coffee, 38 kb
Get thee behind me, Satan!, 50 kb
Olivia Wyatt, 44 kb
Carly, 43 kb

Joe, 27 kb
Sam Wyatt, 38 kb
Sam, 30 kb
Carly on the phone, 32 kb

Sam on the phone, 28 kb
Sam, 30 kb
SAm and Carly, 31 kb
Sam, 38 kb

Sam and Carly, 27 kb
Sam and Carly, 34 kb
Sam, 39 kb
Sam, 38 kb

Sam, 30 kb
Carly, 23 kb
Sam, 34 kb
Sam, 29 kb

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