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13 November 2007
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Steve Bacic

- in Odysseus and the Isle of the Mists

Playing Eurylochus, Odysseus' second in command

Homer and Eurylochus on the rocks, 46 kb
Eurylochus, Homer, Odysseus and Persephone245 kb
Stefanie von Pfetten, Randal Edwards, Steve Bacic and Arnold Vosloo, 290 kb
Arnold, Randal, Steve, 284 kb

Randal Edwards, Arnold Vosloo, Steve Bacic and Mike Antonakos, 288 kb
Steve Bacic in bloody make up, 60 kb

Odysseus the Warrior King has been away from Ithaca for twenty years. The first ten he spent fighting the Trojan War; the last ten, he spent fighting to get home. Among his adventures is the story Homer felt was too horrific to tell: The missing book of The Odyssey ... known as THE ISLE OF THE MISTS!

After a vicious storm, Odysseus and his men find themselves shipwrecked on the Isle of Mists, an island shrouded in thick fog. They attempt to build a raft and sail free of the island, but jagged rocks break the surface of the water, submerging and reappearring in different positions. The raft is destroyed, leaving no foreseable escape.

Frustrated, Odysseus orders his men inland to seek supplies and shelter. While wandering the island, they discover the skeletons of previous castaways, some with flesh still clinging to their bones. Nothing on the island is living. No animals, no living vegetation. It's as if they are walking through a wasteland.

During their trek, a siren's song lures them to an oasis where they are confronted with Persephone, the queeen of this forsaken island. After a night of bacchanalian delights, Odysseus and his men awaken to discover that they are in fact her prisoners - and worse: the cattle of her brethren - a horde of nightmarish creatures known as Shadow Beasts! While struggling to leave the island, Odysseus and his men discover a treasure that rivals all other treasures known to man.

The goal of survival is coupled with danger, action and adventure as the Warrior King slays his enemies, escapes his prison and goes for the gold - all the while breaking the heart of the sultry siren that lured him to ... THE ISLE OF THE MISTS!
Source: Insight Film Studios Publicity

Also starring:
  • Arnold Vosloo as Odysseus
  • Sonya Salomaa as Athena
  • Stefanie von Pfetten as Persephone
  • Leah Gibson as Penelope
  • JR Bourne as Peremides
  • Randal Edwards as Homer
  • Jeff Sanca as Crewman #3

Directed by Terry Ingram.
Filmed August/September 2007 in British Columbia, Canada.
TV movie for SciFi.

Filming Locations:
British Columbia, Canada: Abbotsford, Langley, Maple Ridge, Vancouver.

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