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Steve Bacic

- in Deck the Halls

As Nick St. Clair

Also starring:
Josh Hayden as Ben Hall

Gabrielle Carteris as Holly Hall
Steven Culp as dr. Olson
Ken Pogue - Jack Hall
Maureen Thomas as Laura Hall
Joelyne Loewen as Melody
Jonathan Hill as Leon
Penny Blake as Bubba
David Mylrea as Deano
Rob Morton as Mall Santa
Aaron Pearl as Mailman
John Hombach as Andrew
Justin Callan as Matthew Reeves
Muchelle Boback as Rebecca
Dwayne Bamber as Man

Directed by George Mendeluk, produced by James Shavick and Kirk Shaw.
Filmed August 2005 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

A LifetimeTV Movie of the Week, distributed by Regent Entertainment.

Most film stills by Ed Araquel - used with permission.

It's the first Christmas since Ben's father died. He and his mom have moved back to the town where she grew up and she's started working at grandfather's toy factory.
Meanwhile, there's this really cool neighbor - who also works at the toy factory.
And isn't the cool neighbor awfully good at saying "Ho, ho ho"?

30 September 2006
Steve Bacic on Christmas set, 70 kb
Nick St. Clair and three elves Leon, Bubba and Deano
Bacic dressed as Santa - partly, 71 kb
Rappin' Santa?
Steve Bacic walking a strange dog, 64 kb
Steve and his strange dog
Steve and Josh Hayden, 145 kb
Nick and Ben and reindeer

Nick St. Clair dressed as Santa, 71 kb
EA: Nick St. Clair dressed as Santa
Nick St. Clair smiling, 35 kb
EA: Nick St. Clair
Steve and Gabrielle Carteris, 80 kb
EA: Nick and Holly
Steve and Josh Hayden, 85 kb
EA: Nick and Ben

Nick and Ben hugging, 68 kb
EA: Nick and Ben hugging
Nick and his sleigh, 90 kb
EA: Nick sitting in his wheel-sleigh

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