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07 June 2006

The Colt

Steve Bacic in The Colt- playing Longacre, company sergeant (second lead)

Filmed April 2004 in the Vancouver area.
Scheduled for a Fall 2004 Premiere on the Hallmark Channel - according to the Ryan Merriman summer newsletter.
It turned out to premiere on the Australian Hallmark channel Janury 31st, 2005, followed by the UK Hallmark channel on February 6th.

Based on a very short story by Mikhail Sholokhov, published in 1926.
Sholokhov won the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1965 for his novel, "And Quiet Flows The Don".

The Colt concerns a soldier and his softening attitude toward a newborn horse.

The original story was set during the Russian Civil War -
this version is set during the American Civil War. It's only five pages long, and it's from the book "Fierce and Gentle Warriors: Three Stories" (only available used).

A Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie by Robert Halmi Productions
Director Yelena Lanskaya
Producer Robert Halmi
Screenplay by Stephen Harrigan

Lead Ryan Merriman (Veritas, The Pretender) as Jim Rabb

Second lead Steve Bacic as Longacre, company sergeant

On page three of his spring newsletter, Ryan tells a little about The Colt - and promises behind the scenes pics, so keep an eye on his website.

Ryan keeps his promises. On page three of his summer newsletter, Ryan has three pictures from The Colt.

Thanks to Stephen Harrigan, I can now add this:

The story has been much expanded.
It takes place during the Wilderness Campaign in Virginia in May of 1864. The lead character, Trofim in the story, is now named Jim Rabb and is a young trooper in the union cavalry. Steve Bacic plays his company sergeant, Longacre. Bacic's role is crucial to the movie and it required an actor with a strong presence, both physically and emotionally. Others in the cast include William MacDonald and Darcy Belsher (most of the actors are Canadian and the movie was filmed in Vancouver.) The only woman character is a farm wife named Lucy, who is played by Megan Leitch.

Matthew Budgeon's Production design photos

Steve Bacic as Longacre, 93 kb
Steve Bacic as Longacre
Used with permission.

Ryan Merriman as Jim Rabb, 81 kb
Ryan Merriman as Jim Rabb - and someone who might be Steve Bacic .......
Used with permisson.

Thanks to Dawn for the captures.

Longacre, 108 kb

Longacre, 90 kb

Longacre, 110 kb

Longacre, 157 kb

Ryan Merriman as Jim Rabb, 114 kb

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