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20 April 2007
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Steve Bacic

- in Afghan Knights

Playing Pepper, the lead character

Haunted by the fact that he left a man behind in Afghanistan, Pepper pulls together a special task force to endure one last mission to save his comrade. Ancient Mongolian warfare battles against the highest U.S. military trained experts in a paranormal fight for survival.

Drama, action/adventure, horror .....

I found another synopsis on Curb Entertainment:
Pepper's last mission is to find a man left behind, he ends up in a supernatural battle lead by the warrior Genghis Khan.

Also starring:
Michael Madsen as Cooper
Gary Stretch as Nash
Chris Kramer as Jonathan
Francesco Quinn as Amad
Pete Antico as Joey
Colin Lawrence as J.T.
Maryam Ghaeni as Soraya
Steven Cree Molison as Rick
Vince Murdocco as Frank
Charlotte Newhouse as Tracey
Karina Carreck as Kim
Chris Logan as ?
Joey Baker as Airforce Commando
Sasha Lakovic, as Russian Soldier
Cynde Harmon, as Market Moll
Aaron Hui, as monk. For a complete cast list, check Afghan Knight on IMDB

Directed by George Allan Harmon.
Filmed March 2006 in British Columbia, Canada and Mexico.

Official Afghan Knights website - not updated recently.
The movie was released on DVD i Spain April 2007 under the title "U.S. Corps - La Lucha Final".

Colin Lawrence was in Tailhook along with Steve Bacic and in Teacher, the movie written, produced and starred by Bacic. They also both have filmed episodes of the TV series Blade.

Joey Baker is an ex-seal who both acted in the movie and was a technical advisor.

With Joey Baker being an ex-seal, Gary Stretch being an ex-boxer, Vince Murdocco an ex-kickboxer, Pete Antico being a stuntman and Sasha Lakovic an ex-NHL enforcer and Total Combat Challenge participant, there were plenty of real tough guys in the movie. The others are just pretending ;-)

Some filming took place at Othello Tunnels.
Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, popularly called The Othello Tunnels is a provincial park located near Hope, British Columbia. Camping in BC has some great photos from Othello Tunnels.

Originally part of the Kettle Valley Railway, five tunnels and a series of bridges follow a relatively straight line through a gorge lined with sheer, flat rock cliffs.
The park's fantastic rock cliffs and relative close distance to Hollywood North has resulted in many popular movies being filmed there: Rambo: First Blood, Shoot to Kill, and The Adventures of Yellow Dog were all filmed in Coquihalla Canyon.

All photos copyright Joey Baker - used with permission.

Steve Bacic and Joey Baker in Afghan Knights, 59 kb
Steve and Joey
Afghan Knights cast hanging out, 62 kb
L to R: Joey Baker, Steve Bacic, Steven Cree Molison and Francesco Quinn; kneeling, Vince Murdocco.
Three guys in a military vehicle, 75 kb
L to R: Steve Bacic, possibly Chris Logan, Colin Lawrence.
, 87 kb
Steve and Steven - "Yeah right, bro!"
Steve Bacic and Colin Lawrence in Afghan Knights, 30 kb
Smokin' wit da man
Steve Bacic in Afghan Knights, 36 kb
Pepper in a dark moment

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