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Steve Bacic

- the good, the bad and the goofy ....... the man has even played an erotic dream - meow!

The TV episode gallery

Galleries with a period after the number of images are considered complete and won't be updated. Galleries not ending with a period will grow as time, energy and sources permit.

12 March 2010

TV galleries - except Andromeda

Arranged chronologically to the best of my ability.

2010, February, Big Love Gallery
Big Love Gallery, 4x06
"Under One Roof"
18 images
2010, January, Smallville Gallery
Smallville Gallery, 9x10
3 images
2010, February, Crash & Burn Gallery
Crash & Burn Gallery
21 images

2008, March
2 images
2008, March
The Guard
12 images
2007, April
Flash Gordon
Promos and candids
4 images
2007, April
67 images

2007, April
"Photographs & Memories"
59 images
Blood Ties
4 images
2006, September
3 Moons over Milford
"Good Night Moon"
9 images
2006, January
Behind the scenes
2 images

2006, January
Masters of Horor 1x12,
"Haeckel's Tale"
17 images
2004, July
Stargate SG-1 8x04,
"Zero Hour"
12 images
2004, July
Stargate SG-1 8x01,
"New Order, parts 1 & 2"
68 images.
2003, June, Out of Order Gallery
Out of Order Gallery,
3 episodes
8 images

2003, June, Black Sash Gallery
Black Sash 1x02,
"Jump Start"
8 images.
2003, February, Mutant X Gallery
Mutant X Gallery, 2x13
"Within These Walls"
36 images.
2002, October, Just Cause Gallery
Just Cause Gallery 1x05,
"Lama Hunt"
12 images
2002, 30 September, Adventure Inc. Gallery
Adventure Inc. 1x01,
4 images

2002, June, Jeremiah Gallery
Jeremiah Gallery, 1x15
"Ring of Truth"
9 images
2002, May, Mysterious Ways Gallery
Mysterious Ways 2x22
"Something Fishy"
8 images
2001, October, Smallville Gallery
Smallville Gallery, 1x01
8 images.
2001, August, Night Visions Gallery
Night Visions Gallery, 1x16
"My So-Called Life and Death"
4 images

2001, June 30, Los Luchadores
Los Luchadores, 1x15
"The Champ"
10 images
2001, May, Dark Angel Gallery
Dark Angel Gallery, 1x21
8 images.
2001, January, Beastmaster Gallery
Beast Master Gallery, 2x12
"Tao's Brother"
6 images
2000, August & February
Stargate SG-1 Gallery,
3x20, 4x08
7 images

2000, February - EFC Gallery
Earth Final Conflict 3x16,
"Through Your Eyes"
4 images
1999, September - Honey I Shrunk the Kids Gallery
Honey I Shrunk the Kids 3x01
"Honey, Name That Tune" 4 images
1998, December, First Wave Gallery
First Wave 1x16
"The Undesirables"
40 images.
1998, October, The Net Gallery
The Net 1x10
8 images.

1998, October, Da Vinci Gallery
Da Vinci 1x02,
"Little Sister"
9 images
1998, October, Viper Gallery
Viper 4x04 Gallery,
"Holy Matrimony"
5 images
1998, May, X-Files Folie aŽ Deux Gallery
X-Files 5x19,
"Folie aŽDeux"
5 images
1998, February, Sentinel Gallery
Sentinel 3x15,
"Finkelman's Folly"
6 images

1997, March, Millennium Gallery
Millennium 1x16,
20 images.
1997, January, Outer Limits Gallery
Outer Limits 3x01,
"Bits of Love"
8 images
1996, November 18, Highlander Gallery
Highlander 5x09,
"Little Tin Gods"
21 images.
1996, November 2, Viper Gallery
Viper 2x06 Gallery,
4 images

1996, April - Profit Gallery
Profit 1x03 Gallery,
24 images.
1996, February, X-Files Pusher Gallery
X-Files 3x17,
29 images
1996, February, Outer Limits 2x07
Outer Limits 2x07,
"First Anniversary"
30 images.
1995, May, X-Files Soft Light Gallery
X-Files 2x23,
"Soft Light"
1 image

1995, April, The Marshal Gallery
The Marshal 1x09,
"Little Odessa"
5 images
1994, September, The Mantis Gallery
Mantis 1x01,
"Tango Blue"
9 images
1994, February, The Commish Gallery
The Commish 3x15,
"Father Eddie"
4 images
1991, April, 21 Jump Street Gallery
21 Jump Street 5x19,
6 images

And Other Things on TV

2004, Urban Rush Talkshow
Urban Rush Talkshow,
8 images
2000, Burger Commercial Gallery
Burger Commercial,
18 images

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