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Steve Bacic

- the Goofy Guy

Steve has mainly played serious roles, but he enjoys doing comedy too.

In real life, he definitely has a goofball side to his personality, and I've found a few pictures to illustrate that.

I'll also be adding some of his funny faces from movies and TV.

30 September 2006
Telemachus Rhade's alter ego, 178 kb
From the Andromeda season three gag reel.
This photo is tucked into the mirror frame in Gordon Michael Wolvett's dressing room.
It seems like Steve is applying for the Rommie role.

I'm beginning to think Steve might make a good Frank N. Furter after all .....

The above picture is the one that made me start a goofy page - which almost didn't happen! I usually capture images off Andromeda DVDs on my computer with no problems, but this once, Murphy struck and my computer would have nothing to do with the DVD - however, my stand-alone DVD player was quite happy to play the disc.

In stepped my usual angel of mercy - David - and he invited me to come try capping on the PC at his office at Laserdisken - a specialty DVD shop.

Lo and behold! It worked - even though I was in a rush to get to work and it was an unfamiliar program, I managed to get a few shots of this hilarious picture. I didn't have time to burn the image to cdr, so David emailed it to me at work where I added it to my USB memory stick, brought it back home and here it is.

Fortunately, not all pictures are so tricky to catch - but I definitely think this one is worth it.
(It's also my first "Lo and behold" ever ..... )

Enie and Steve, 19 kb
Enid-Raye Adams and Steve goofing on the Just Cause courtroom set - I wonder who inspired who?
I have my guesses ........

Guess who was the most featured actor on the SG-7 gag reel? Yep, that would be Steve.

"I'll poke you in the eye. Poke!"

"What's an NID mean?"
Steve obviously hasn't followed Stargate SG-1 ;-)

At his Jedi Master Chef Apprentice ceremony .....

Trying to provide a mane for a centaur drawing, 58 kb

Trying to provide a mane for Ervene's centaur drawing,
Shore Leave, July 2005

Naughty Santa, 71 kb
Santa's Dark Side
From the set of "Deck the Halls"
August 2005

Steve and ugly fairy, 71 kb
I want Tinkerbelle!
From the set of "Tooth Fairy"
August 2005

That's what friends are for, 36 kb
Violence on the set! Mitch Kosterman punching Steve Bacic!
From the set of "21 Jump Street, January 1991"
Added March 2005 - many thanks to Mitch for the photo.

A fan with Kevin Sorbo .... and Steve, 72 kb

Steve likes spoiling Kevin's pictures ....
From the set of Andromeda, December 2004
Added September 2006 - many thanks to MM for the photo.


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