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Steve Bacic

- at Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA, 3-6 September, 2004

A last minute thing, Steve was never listed on the guest list, and his name was only found in the programme listing for Andromeda where he was on a panel Saturday with director David Winning, another very, very nice guy.

Canadian David Winning has directed several episodes of Andromeda - his first one with Steve was 4x09, "Machinery of the Mind" plus the upcoming season 5 episode "Attempting Screed", 5x07.
Previously, they worked together on "Jack London's Call of the Wild", episode 1x12, "Molly Brown".

And today I discovered that David Winning has the honor (and hopefully, the pleasure) of directing Andromeda episode #100!!! Wishing the cast and crew a GREAT episode and loads of fun and parties!

All pictures used with permission.

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07 June 2006
LadyJane and Steve, 40 kb
Lady Jane and Steve
Linda, Steve and her son, 60 kb
Linda, Steve and Linda's son
Chris and Steve, 81 kb
Chris and Steve
Steve's Andromeda co-guest, David Winning, 62 kb
Steve's Andromeda co-guest, David Winning

JenniferN, Steve and Rachel, 167 kb
JennferN, Steve and her sister Rachel.
Steve and David Winning, 23 kb
Steve and David Winning
,Steve and David Winning, 22  kb
Steve and David Winning, 24 kb

Steve and David Winning, 24 kb
Steve and David Winning, 22 kb
Steve and David Winning, 22 kb
Steve and David Winning, 111 kb

The following three pictures are from Pat's Dragon Con 2004 Photo Album though you will have to look closely to find them - he has identified Steve as David Winning Another Rhade smiley, 1 kb
Thanks to Jeanette for finding the pictures in the first place.

Steve, 24 kb
David and Steve, 106 kb
David Winning and Steve
Raquel and Steve, 30 kb
Raquel and Steve

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