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Steve Bacic

- in Andromeda episode 4x18, "Trusting the Gordian Maze", as Telemachus Rhade.

Triumvir Tri-Jema has sent Indra Xicole to get the map from Dylan. But Dylan doesn't trust her, and he wants to test her before turning the map over to her. He tells her the map has been stolen, and they will have to get the copy he hid with friends. The friends are a married couple, Calvino and Astrid, hiding from bad guys in maze. Dylan, Indra and Rhade wander the maze, the map is found and Dylan beds the Hot Chick of the week and she reveals whether she can be trusted or not.

Tough Rhade love:
Has a rough emergency landing in a slipfighter but is unharmed
Astrid smacks him upside the head.

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07 June 2006
Rhade on-screen, 19 kb
Rhade furious, 21 kb
Rhade not killing Harper, 26 kb

Dylan, 21 kb

Andria Chicole, 25 kb

Rhade, 20 kb

Dylan & Rhade, 26 kb

Rommie, Beka, Harper & Trance, 34 kb

Rhade, 26 kb

Rhade, 22 kb

Rhade, 24 kb

Rhade, smirking, 18 kb

Rhade lending an ear, 20 kb

Rhade, Andria & Dylan, 26 kb

Rhade, 20 kb

Peter DeLuise, 22 kb

Anne Marie Loder, 29 kb

Andria, 23 kb

Dylan, 24 kb

Beka making a face, 28 kb

Rhade, 21 kb

Rhade, 20 kb

Harper & Rommie, 29 kb

Anne Marie in the middle, 25 kb

Rhade, 22 kb

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