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Steve Bacic

- in Andromeda episode 2x08, "Home Fires", as Telemachus Rhade.

The Andromeda encounters a scout ship which leads them to Tarazed, a planet still living the Commonwealth style. The planet was settled by survivors and relatives of the crews of Andromeda and the Starry Wisdom that Dylan's fiancée Sara Riley could round up. While there, Dylan meets some descendants of his fiancée Sara Riley - and the genetic reincarnation of his treacherous old friend, Telemachus Rhade. While there, there's a referendum whether to join the New Commonewealth - and the isolationists, led by Rhade, win.
But suddenly, some Magog swarmships are sighted!

After the Magog attack on the planet Tarazed:
Dylan: ..... hell, if I wanted to, I could make it look like you were behind the whole thing! Telemachus: And then you'd get everything you wanted, wouldn't you?
The Isolationists would be disgraced, there'd be a new election and Tarazed would join the New Commonwealth.
Dylan: And you'd go to prison.
Telemachus: As cost-benefit ratios go, it's got a lot to recommend it.
Dylan: Betray an innocent man, gain the world and lose .... lose what, Mr. Rhade?
Telemachus: It's what I would do.

Dylan: Did I do the right thing, Rommie? Throwing it all away like that?
Rommie: You mean by arresting Rakel Ben-Tzion instead of Telemachus Rhade?
Dylan: Yeah ...... "
Rommie: I try not to dwell on what's right or what's wrong - it slows down my processors.
Still - one innocent man convicted, one guilty woman set free - in exchange for a fleet, a crew, the ability to protect Tarazed and a thousand other planets from genuine horror ......
Dylan: One act of betrayal to save the universe. It seems a small price to pay, doesn't it?

I wonder how Telemachus can admire Dylan after his very un-Nietzschean decision?
I also wonder why Dylan has such qualms about sacrificing one innocent man when he managed to blow away two thirds of the Nietzschean fleet? Dylan has already mentioned feeling betrayed by both Rhades, and still, he refrains.

But being a fan of Telemachus, I of course appreciate the decision ;-)
This is the first time Dylan saves Telemachus from jail, the second time being in 4x06, Soon the nearing Vortex where there's an actual jail break.

Director Alan Eastman about Home Fires (a few 'you know's have been edited out) :
"Season two - a couple of shows just really rocketed out like that.
Home Fires - when you read it on the page, it seemed like an interesting story, but nothing that I would have classed as one of our top-notch scripts, and yet that turned into a truly awesome episode. Very interesting, very deep - with tremendous conflicts and really interesting characterwork. That's really great when that happens."

30 September 2006
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