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Steve Bacic

- in Andromeda episode 1x01, "Under the Night",
playing Andromeda's first officer, Gaheris Rhade.

Despite having been friends with Andromeda's captain - even going to be best man at his wedding, first officer Gaheris Rhade betrays the Commonwealth and tries to murder the captain, all in the name of the Nietzschean rebellion.
30 September 2006
Gaheris Rhade, 380kb
Dylan Hunt, 35 kb
Rhade, 29 kb
Rhade, 33 kb

Saluting, 34 kb
Rhade, 31 kb
Rhade, 39 kb
Gaheris & Dylan, 48 kb

Rhade, 37 kb
Gaheris & Dylan, 47 kb
Gaheris & Dylan, 49 kb
Rommie, 40 kb

On the Bridge, kb
Focus Dylan, kb
Focus Gaheris, kb
Rhade, kb

Attack in space, 36 kb
Gaheris warns, kb
Gaheris, kb
Dylan disbelieving, kb

Rhade closeup, kb
Regret?, kb
Spurs, kb
Rhade, kb

Black Hole, kb
Rhade determined, kb
Shooting, kb
Shooting, kb

Shooting, kb
Dylan taking cover, kb
Still shooting, kb
Rhade, kb

Attack, kb
Sparks, kb
Threat, kb
It begins ....., kb

Rhade, kb
Rhade, kb
Force Lance, closeup, kb
Rhade, kb

Rhade hit, kb
Dylan shocked, kb
The Body, kb
Dylan grieved, kb

Beka, kb
Beka & Harper, kb
Beka, Harper & Gerentex, kb
Harper & Trance, kb

Harper & Rev Bem, kb
Trance, Harper & Beka , kb
Rev Bem, kb
Beka, kb

Spurs , kb
Space Tow Lines ;-), kb
Beka's Big Grin, kb
Dylan worried, kb

The Eureka Maru crew, kb
The 300-year old body, kb
Harper, kb
Tyr Anasazi, kb

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