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07 June 2006

About this website .......

Everything on this website is made by "hand" - that is - it's all written in Notepad. I like the simple style - or else, I'm too lazy to learn JavaScript and all that other stuff. You won't find any frames here either - though David tries to convince me to use them.
Okay - there's Cascading Style Sheets and some Server Side Include.
Pictures were optimized and wallpapers were created using PaintShopPro 7.0 with a little help from Photoshop Elements 2.0

I'm trying to validate the pages at the, but so far, only one page has been found worthy Another Rhade smiley, 1 kb
Perhaps because I prefer adding new pictures to perfecting the html ..... which btw is xhtml transitional.

If you want to link to this site, I've made a li'l banner :


DO NOT link to this image but save a copy to your harddrive and upload it to your own website, replace "myimagefolder" with the name of your own folder and paste in this code where you want the banner.

David made a banner for me:

This banner is almost too cool for this site!

Banners by Jay:

Animated version, 169 kb
Animated version, 169 kb

Still version, 20 kb
Still version, 20 kb

Small ones 6-7 kb
100x50, 7 kb 100x35, 6 kb

But text links are fine too ;-)

I hope you're enjoying your visit here as much as I'm enjoying making the website -

Greetings from the industrious webmistress

Acknowledgements and Thanks:

Without the help of these people, the site wouldn't be what it is:

Lone helped with site testing, as well as capturing images from multiple NTSC tapes, even though she's not a Bacic fan!

Kare has provided loads of pictures - wallpapers included. This site would lack some very important pictures if not for her help. And there's some Bacic tv episodes I would never have seen without Kare's help :-)

Jeanette has also helped out with pictures - thanks.

David captured the first "Honey I shrunk the kids" images laaaate at night and made a banner for me and has been generally helpful - in a very frame-encouraging way .....

Mesh let me borrow some pictures from Abydosgate - the wallpaper gallery icons for Viper and First Wave. And is doing some GREAT Steve promoting on Abydosgate - plus she's made some nifty wallpapers and icons and skins for this site - Nagyon köszönöm!

Thanks also to Neil and Rosemary for letting me use their SG-7 images of Steve.

Julie helped with site testing and found several dumb bloopers plus many typos - besides occasionally giving good answers and granting wishes. She regularly finds my typos - I'm trying to convince her I'm making them so she has something to do - she is not convinced .....

Also thanks to Liam.

And finally, thanks to Steve for being who he is and doing what he does.

Resources I've found useful:

The guestbook is from Active Scripts
You need to be able to run this cgi script from your own server.

The Langa Newsletter helps me keep my computer in shape - very useful, besides, the plus edition, which costs $10 per year, supports several children in third world countries. I've been a plus subscriber for three years, and I never fail to learn something - my problem is remembering it ;-) By clicking the image, you can go to the Langa website, and read the current newsletter to see if it's for you. And the regular edition is free, so you lose nothing by trying.

The sound clip was made with Waverepair

No copyright infringement intended. All pictures © copyright the original owners.
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