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28 April 2012

News and Updates


Update from my webhost:
Unfortunately we're not able to retrieve the information from crashed hard disk. Would you please let us know your decision about the followings:

1. Restore your account from the backup file which is taken on April 19th.
2. Create a fresh account on another server which is using cPanel control panel and is more powerful and stable in contrast to the current Ensim server. In this case you'll lose all data and everything should be setup from scratch.

Guess what? I picked option ONE.
They didn't say how fast they could do the restore, but I sure hhopw the foum will be back on Monday, perhaps earlier.


Update from my webhost:
Unfortunately, the problem is related to server's HDD. We use RAID technology to apply reliability to storage system, but when more than one problem, in the worst case, occur to the same sector (HDD's units), then the HDDs are not retrievable. Now we're trying to copy data from bad hard disk to a new 2 TB disk and this will would take 24~48 hours to be completed. We're placing this ticket as on hold in our system and will update you once the problem is fixed.


The forum is currently down - this is what I've been told by the web host:
The server which hosts your account has encountered a hardware issue and we're still working on it. Will update you as soon as it's up and running...


Steve does NOT have a profile om MySpace under a different name.
The only social media he uses is Facebook.


Steve has been in LA filming some episodes of Big Love Season 5 - the new season premieres January 2011.

2010-07-03 - 3 new photos added

Check out the 3 new photos in the Candids Gallery

New weekend Steve will be at Gatecon in Vancouver - work permitting.
If you can't make it to Vancouver, Steve will be in Chicago for Creations Stargate Convention, August 27-29 and their Stargate Convention in LA, November 5-7

2010-05-12 - Steve in NCIS: LA on May 18th

Steve has just completed a guest role on "NCIS: Los Angeles".
It's episode 23 called "Burned", second-to-last episode of the season.

Final Storm has been released on DVD both in the US and in Europe -
and on top of that, it's been nominated for 2 LEO Awards - Musical Score and Production Design.

2010-03-12 - The Guard airing in the US

Happy Birthday Steve!

What a nice birthday gift for Steve's US fans!
March 13 is Steve's birthday, but the fans are getting the gift.

Saturday March 13, The Guard starts airing on ION in primetime - please check you local listings for the exact time. Steve Bacic as Duty Captain Miro Da Silva and Claudette Mink as Laura

2010-02-23 - Site updates

Remember - Steve's third episode of Big Love airs Sunday February 28 on HBO in the US.
Here's an image from the preview, featuring Ginnifer Goodwin and Steve: Ginnifer Goodwin as Margene and Steve Bacic as Goran

2010-02-21 - Site updates

I've added a gallery from the TV series Cra$h & Burn

Remember - tonight Steve's second episode of Big Love airs on HBO in the US.

2010-01-29 - Site updates

I've added a gallery from the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival - plus a few images from Steve's Smallville episode.

2010-01-22 - Smallville pre-empted

Steve's Smallville episode was pre-empted by a Haiti Benfit - as far as I know. It will instead air Friday the 29th

Steve will be in 4 episodes of HBO's fourth season of Big Love - I have absolutely no idea what kind of character he plays. Really - I don't.
Cross my heart ...

The forum was down less than 24 hours back in November - I just forgot to update the news page :-)

2009-11-30 - Forum Downl!

I've tried to contact Emergency at Canaca, and it's not possible to email them - I get "domain not found", and their site's not online either.

So it looks like they have HUGE technical problems - or someone pulled their plug :-(
There's nothing I can do right now except keep my fingers crossed, go to bed and hope everything will work again tomorrow.

If it doesn't, I will look into moving the forum to another host, however, the latest backup I have is from November 7th, so we will lose most of November.

A little bit of good news: Whistler season 1 will be released on DVD in Germany on December 3, with both English and German soundtrack.

Smallville Update: Steve's Smallville episode, "Disciple" airs January 27.

Off to bed - with crossed fingers.


2009-11-05 - Steve on Supernatural!

Okay - so Supernatural 4x08, "Changing Channels", didn't air October 29 - but November 5th - sorry.

Steve's Smallville episode is called "Disciple" and airs November 27.

2009-10-17 - Steve on Supernatural!

Watch Steve in episode 5x08, "Changing Channels", airing in the US October 29.
And here's a few Supernatural pictures

Can you say Dr. McDreamy?

Hot off the press ... eh, keyboards:
Steve will be in an episode of Smallville, playing Dark Archer!

2009-09-14 - Added a new video clip

A new clip at the bottom of the video page: Steve on ETC - the Hot TV Hunks segment!

I've also uploaded it to youtube so you can share it with friends - or watch it at work ;-)

"... wearing just the tatoos ..." - Steve don't tease us with stuff like that!

2009-05-22 - Added a new gallery

LEO Award photos - not a lot, but it's better than nothing ;-)

2009-05-03 - Fan Site for The Storm

Fansite for The Storm

2009-04-08 - Steve Bacic nominated for LEO award

For his role as Miro DaSilva in the Guard, episode At Sea, Steve had been nominated for Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series. The episode not aired on Gloabal yet, only on Mystery.
Read More on Leoawards.com


Changed the banner on the main fansite page.
Added 8 new behind-the-scenes pictures to the Guard Gallery

2008-11-25 - New move for Steve: The Storm

Steve just started filming the movie "The Storm".
Luke Perry and Lauren Holly co-stars.

2008-11-25 - New video clips of Steve on ET Canada

Watch a 1.42 minute long video clip of Steve on ET Canada - visiting the set of "Lawyers, Guns & Money

2008-11-08 - FedCon DVD available for pre-order

If you have never had the opportunity to go to a convention, here's your chance to get a taste of what it's like.

FedCon (that took place in the spring of 2008 in Bonn, Germany - and yes, it's all in English) are releasing their convention video - you can pre-order it at their FedCon Shop

2008-11-07 - New video clips of Steve on ET Canada

Watch a 40 second long video clip of Steve on ET Canada - unfortunately they got his 2006 movie The Tooth Fairy confused with the new Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne Johnson - Steve's NOT in the new one.

2008-11-05 - Steve Bacic is currently filming the pilot for "Lawyers, Guns & Money"

It's filming Oct. 27 to Nov. 11, 2008

'Lawyers, Guns & Money' is a gritty drama from Whizbang Films. It's produced by Paul Gross and the pilot is written by Malcolm MacRury and directed by Ken Girotti

Synopsis: Jimmy Shea (or Jimmy Burns, played by Luke Kirby), a young claims adjuster for a faceless corporation, maneuvers his way around insurance scams and the criminal underworld as he tries to escape his past and make a better life on the gritty post industrial streets of Hamilton. The series is set in Hamilton, Ontario, but was originally developed at HBO stateside.

Clark Johnson (The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Street, also an Emmy nominated director on The Shield), joins the production as Walker Hearn, a retired cop and Jimmyís unofficial mentor alongside Carole Cave (The L Word, Regenesis) as Angela, a company lawyer. Steve Bacic (The Guard) is Pavel Korkov, an ambitious local gangster who clashes with Jimmy.

2008-10-06 - Steve hosting ET Canada
Steve Bacic, along with Sonya Salomaa, his The Guard co-star, will be hosting Entertainment Tonight Canada on October 7.

2008-07-16 - Updates
Jumpcon has canceled their conventions - check the Conventions page

2008-06-28 - Updates
I added a few galeries:
Stargate Continuumn
LEO Awards 2008
Andromeda 100th episode party 2004

As you can see, not all of the photos are recent, but better late than never ;-)

2008-06-22 - LEO Awards
The Jumpcon convention in Kalamazoo has been cancelled. Steve's next upcoming convention will be Boston Jumpcon.
Keep an eye on the convention page and the news page - The Guard is filming, so you never know ....

Steve is currently in a two-page spread in issue #23 of the Official Magazine Stargate SG-1 Atlantis, which focuses on the upcoming release of "Continuum".
Look for the magazine in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Or you can order it from Titan Magazines US or Titan Magazines UK.
"Continuum" is a direct-to-DVD release and it becomes available on July 27.

2008-05-22 - LEO Awards
Steve Bacic and his co-stars from The Guard, Ryan Robbins and Julie Patzwald are going to present LEO awards.
So are The Guard guest stars Teryl Rothery and Colin Cunningham - the latter is a tripple nominee like Ryan Robbins.

The LEO AWARDS will also be featured as a television special on Shaw TVís The Express. It airs weeknights at 6 pm.

"Join host Johanna Ward for Vancouverís only completely on location program. The Express is a lifestyle magazine program that brings you an in-depth look at the fascinating people, events, recreation and attractions from Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley."

I've started a gallery for FedCon 2008 in Bonn.
It's still growing, but I figured someone would like to see the partial one too.

Steve will also be presenting one of the LEO awards.

Steve's and Kevin Sorbo's panel af Fedcon was so popular that Fedcon is contemplating publishing an "Andromeda at Fedcon" DVD, containing the complete solo panels and the complete "duo" panel. But they need 150 pre-orders to start the project.
To fill up the disc, they are planning on adding Laura Bertram's panels from FedCon 2007 - both her solo panel, and the panel she did with Jewel Staite (Firefly, Stargate Atlantis). So fans of Andromeda, Steve, Kevin, Laura and Jewel - here's your chance!

Send an email to with the subject "Andromeda Panel DVD".
The price will be 17 euros (around USD 26) - shipping will depend on your country.
Intex accepts Paypal.
The panels are in English with German subtitles.
You can see a preview at Intexsound.de of the opening ceremony.

THE GUARD actors have been nominated for 4 LEO AWARDS!
In a Dramatic Series:
Best Lead Performance by a Male: Steve Bacic - The Guard - Coming Through Fog
Best Lead Performance by a Female: Claudette Mink - The Guard - Coming Through Fog
Best Supporting Performance by a Male: Ryan Robbins - The Guard - Live Free
Best Supporting Performance by a Female: Julie Patzwald - The Guard - Live Free

Both Live Free(1x02) and Coming Through Fog (1x03) were written by Raymond Storey and directed by Lynne Stopkewich

Cast and crew are back at work again - filming resumed on April 29th.

I've started a gallery for FedCon 2008 in Bonn.
It's still growing, but I figured someone would like to see the partial one too.

I've updated the Lives or Dies? page - and those who think Steve always dies in the movies have a surprise coming ....

Upcoming DVD release: The season box set of Flash Gordon is due on July 28 in Region 2 (Europe)

Premiere on SciFi in the US: Saturday April 12 at 9/8c: Odysseus - Voyage to the Underworld!
Yes, it has a slightly different title too - no more Iles of Mist.

Added a page for Steve's Grazia interview - in English.
Added more Newspaper front pages and articles on the press page

Added a page for Steve's new series The Guard. The series will premiere January 22, 2008 on GlobalTV in Canada.

Updated the Odysseus Gallery with five new pictures and the Flash Gordon Gallery with one.

Steve Bacic is currently filming a new series called "The Guard".
Check out GuardFans.com - a fansite by yours truly.

Steve has recently done an interview with Croatian magazine Grazia

Added Steve's Acura TL commercial.

Steve had signed on to do one more episode of Flash Gordon, playing Prince Barin

Added a page about Odysseus and the Isle of the Mists.

Added a page about Flash Gordon.

Steve has recently completed filming a role in the movie "Odysseus and the Isle of Mist" for Insight Film Studio.
The role is Eurylochus, possibly Odysseus' second in command on the ship.
Arnold Vosloo stars as Odysseus, and Randal Edwards (The Best Years), JR Bourne (Everything's Gone Green) and Stefanie Von Pfetten (Battlestar Galactica) costar. Terry Ingram directs.
The movie will air on SciFi this winter.
Short article about the Odysseus movie

Steve will soon start filming a new series - as the lead. The series title hasn't yet been decided - it could be either "Search and Rescue" - or "Air Sea."
The titles pretty much say it all - I figure its' sure to feature both action and water.

Added 56 caps to the ER gallery.

Added caps to the CSI:Miami gallery plus a review of the episode

At the recent Polaris convention, Steve was interviewed (for the second time) by Ed the Sock.
Look for the interview on Space and CityTV in Canada.

Steve is currently filming three episodes of the upcoming series Flash Gordon which will premiere in the US on SciFi in August 2007. Details to come ...

Steve recently shot a commercial for Acura, set to air in the US in September.

Added a MarCon gallery

Added Battlestar Galactica to the Filmography

Poker night at Joe's house

Not really news since it's from February 2006, but I decided it's time I added links to Gary Jones's blog where he wrote about Steve: You spot the difference similarities between he and Steve and
More craft service than actual craft - being in Steve's movie

Added a Creation Con gallery

It's Steve's BIRTHDAY! Many happy returns.
So I made a little update.
Added a new picture in the ER gallery.
Added two new pictures at the bottom of the Specials Gallery
Added a CSI:Miami gallery
Added a drawing by mariola in the Fan Art gallery.

Steve Bacic has just filmed an episode of CSI: Miami, episode 5x20, "Rush".
The episode airs April 23.

Added a gallery for Steve's ER episode - Steve has sent me two pictures. Though one of the pictures could be just anybody - it's makeup on body parts that rarely get made up ;-)

Looks like the ER airdate is April 12th and NOT March 1st.

Steve Bacic has just filmed an episode of ER, episode 13x18, "Photographs and Memories".
The episode airs March 1.
"Good Luck Chuck" release date: 24 August 2007

Here's a link to the Blood Ties Preview on YouTube
Added two more pictures to the Blood Ties gallery.
Dawn is back with a CALENDAR!

Added two pictures to the Blood Ties gallery.
Added 5 new members to the ILSB page

Added a small gallery for Blood Ties

The forum is back after being down for about 20 hours.
Welcome back y'all.

The forum is currently down due to server problems at the webhotel - yes - AGAIN!
Expect it back - well, not better than ever - probably just more of the same.
And yes, I have a backup from just 9 hours ago, so it's only a question of time before we're back.
Don't know how long time though. Since the forum is down, maybe I should take this opportunity to have it moved to another server.
Miss y'all!


SteveBacic.com 2 year anniversary Results

And the winner is: .....

A message from Allan Harmon, director of Afghan Knights
Your facts are bacic--ly correct. The premiere in August was primarily for potential distributors and it did very well with them. Currently the distributors are at the AFM which is an L.A. based film market, to secure more sales. There may be a theatrical release, but it would be U.S. only(maybe Cananda).
So, when you will be able to see it depends on where you are. It will be in stores by end of next year and will be on a lot of television sets sometime before that.
Keep an eye out, it's worth it.
All the best,
Allan Harmon


SteveBacic.com 2 year anniversary - YAY!

Added a picture to the Candids gallery.
Added a picture to the Afghan Knights gallery.
Added a demo reel on the Official Page.
Added a tumbler insert.
Added a gallery for the 'Harvest' Steve's episode of The Net.
Added more pictures to the GateCon 2006 gallery.

Steve Bacic will be at Creation's SG-1 and SG-A convention in Vancouver March 2007
Added 4 new ILSB Club members.
Started the ConCept gallery.
Added two new pictures to the DragonCon 2006 gallery.
Added two new pictures to the Merchandise gallery.
Added a new Anniversary Competition - which closes 2006-11-12.

Added a new picture to the Good Luck Chuck Gallery.
Added two new pictures to the 6th Day Gallery.
Added a new picture to the Afghan Knights Gallery.

Both the forum and the guestbook are back - HOORAY!

To cheer us up in these forum-troubled times, Steve and a kindhearted soul has sent me some pictures from the upcoming episode of Three Moons Over Milford, so here's a small Three Moons Over Milford Gallery.
And don't worry - I have a backup of the guestbook too .....

The forum is currently down due to server problemes at the webhotel.
Expect it back - well, not better than ever - probably just more of the same.
And yes, I have a backup from yesterday, so it's only a question of time before we're back.
Miss y'all!

Added the DragonCon 2006 gallery.
Afghan Knights premiered in Vancouver last weekend.

Added 2 official still pictures to the Threshold Gallery.
The GateCon 2006 gallery has grown to 13 images.
Added 2 new ILSB Club members.
Added a link to SteveBacic.de

Added a page for GateCon 2006 and Comic Con 2006 - there's only a few pictures in each, but the GateCon gallery is expected to grow. It also has a really, REALLY cute picture.
Added 6 new ILSB Club members.

Added a page for Good Luck Chuck - with 3 REALLY LARGE images.
Added Dragon Con on the convention page

Steve Bacic will be signing autographs at Comic Con in San Diego, July 20 - 23.

The site has completed the move to another webhotel, so if you notice any problems, please let me know.

Added two photos to the Afghan Knights page.
The site has not been moved yet, but the problems viewing it should have been fixed.

Added a Candids Gallery.
The site is in the process of moving to another webhotel, so expect irregularities until further notice.

Added a page about Afghan Knights.

Blade - the first pictures.
Warning! They are NOT scary .... really ... I mean it ... you have been warned!
Okay, there might be a little bloodbath ......

Just because there's nothing new it doesn't mean I'm not working ;-)
Updating old pages is work too - I added a few more entries on the The Ends page.
Took the puzzle offline - I can't get it to work since I changed the picture.
Changed a word here and there to keep the site current and corrected some spelling errors.
Over the weekend of May 20-21, we had problems on the forum. It was inaccessible for several hours because of server problems at the webhost. After it went online again, we stil could not post because of a broken table - which was easily fixed once I realised the problem.
Added 2 new ILSB members - only three more to reach 100!

David's review of Haeckel's Tale online.
Safe Harbor Gallery online.
1 new ILSB CLUB member added.
The guestbook should be working again - please let me know if you have problems with it.

Steve Bacic is currently filming 2 episodes of the upcoming Blade TV series.
They have been added to the filmography.
4 new ILSB CLUB members added.
Rhade for Dummies online - Rhade's Andromeda episodes reviewed by a fan, commented by another fan. Mainly only gentle towards Rhade ;-)

The forum is up and running again.
Filmography updated with Afghan Knights.
3 new ILSB CLUB members added.

Happy Birthday Steve!
And to celebrate, today's updates are:
It is now possible to buy signed photos on this website.
Personalized even!
There's a new image in the Specials Gallery.
Started a MegaCon 2006 Gallery.

Added a gallery for the Masters of Horror episode Haeckel's Tale.
Bacic is currently filming episodes of the new Canadian series Whistler (nicknamed O.C. in the Mountains .....)

Added 8 new ILSB members - had a little backlog there.

I'm very happy to say that the forum is now back and is now under the complete, but slightly inept control of Moi. Please update your bookmarks as it has moved to a new domain. Since I didn't own the old domain www.theeventhorizonbbs.com, I am unable to put up a forwarding page.
I'm pretty pleased with the new name, meretean.com/forum - much shorter. Theeventhorizonbbs.com/phpbb4 was rather a mouthful ;-)

The forum went down yesterday - click the forum link in the navigation to get updates.

Clip of Steve's scene from Body & Soul added.

Steve Bacic WILL be at MegaCon after all.

Steve Bacic will not be attending MegaCon due to working.

6 stills added to the Deck the Halls Gallery.
Added a walllpaper by Tracie

8 pictures added to the Los Luchadores Gallery.
David's review of Andromeda 1x05, Double Helix added.

Chiller Gallery added.
First official piece of Bacic merchandise online added.
Rhade image added to the Specials Gallery.
Camulus image added to the Headshot Gallery.
Camulus SG-1 collector card added to the Collector Card Gallery
2 signed group pictures added in the Andro Pro Gallery
Filmography updated with work in progress and more.
Dark Triumph fanfic was added August 26, but not mentioned in the updates.
It's one of my favorite Gaheris stories from the TUM universe.
2 new Wallpapers by Julie
4 new Wallpapers by Jeanette

Furthermore, Rhade's Lament mp3
Additionally, Bacic 101 video and Firefight trailer
Plus a tiny update of the FAQ - for those in doubt of the pronounciation - both of them.

In case you hadn't guessed, November 12th is the one year anniversary of stevebacic.com ...
And my second anniversary as a Steve Bacic webmaster.

Small Dragon*Con 2005 Gallery opened.

David's review of Andromeda 1x01 added.
Thumper's Convention Guide - the first thing of its kind on the internet as far as I know.

2 new ILSB Club members added and info for others updated. Lives or Dies Page updated - 3 new entries, an old one updated and the Andromeda listing edited - as in shortened.

Added a picture to the Deck the Halls gallery.
Added a new piece of artwork to the Specials artwork Gallery.
Updated the Filmography
Julie's Rhade Halloween pumpkin stencil relisted.

Small Tooth Fairy Gallery opened.
Small Deck the Halls gallery opened.
A NEW New Goofy picture added

Mad Hatter Gallery opened.
New Goofy picture added

Filmography updated with 3 new entries plus miscellaneous details.
Gatecon 2005 gallery started.

ILSB Club membership list updated.

A new wallpaper by Julie.
Convention page has been updated.
New Goofy picture added

Moved all calendars by Dawn, both wallpapers and printables, to one calendar page, plus added one from Melissa Nelson.
Link to Andromeda virtual season 6 added.

Dawn's June calendar wallpaper and print calendar

Gaheris' "Move it Thompson" - in Japanese
Dawn's May calendar wallpaper and print calendar .... late - sorry
Listed four UK Magazines with Bacic interviews

A drawing by FlashGriffin - her debut in the fanart gallery!
A new wallpaper by Ninie
And a link to the Steve Bacic Livejournal Community

2005-04-15 / 2005-03-13
The Colt at Palm Beach International Film Festival

Saturday, April 16 at 4:15pm
Muvico Parisian 20 - CityPlace

Monday, April 18 at 1:45pm
Sunrise Cinemas at Mizner Park

Thanks to Julie for the info.

New drawing by Ervene - her debut in the fanart gallery!
15 new wallpapers by AndromedaAngel - be careful - seeing them all in one place can be a bit overwhelming!
And last, but not least, and a few days late - calendars by Dawn - the April print calendar and the April wallpaper calendar

Updated the ABC Andromeda

Review of Millennium 1x16, "Covenant" by David
New drawing by Mariola

Review of The Colt by David

2005-03-13 / 2005-03-13
It's Steve Bacic's birthday today!

So I've made some special updates - with a little help:

New fanart - a South Park Bacic insert for the thermos tumbler from Starbucks, a huge mosaic poster and movie posters the way we would have liked them to be. Made by Julie, me and LakeDaemon.

A funny story featuring Gaheris, Telemachus, Camulus, Jonas, Harper, Anne, Doyle, Lunah, Steve, Trance, Beka and more, by Donna and Vee.

Here's what people are REALLY saying about Steve.

Funny pictures of Steve by Thom and Leah.

ABC Guide to Andromeda - when your memory needs a little help to identify an episode (a work in progress) .....

Steve's Vancouver interview - more pictures to be added .....

A puzzle to play with, suggested by Snoopy.

25 new wallpapers by AndromedaAngel, Banshee, Dani, LakeDaemon, Mesh, Snoopy, Tracie, and Me.

Avatars and icons - both still and animated.

Rhade's Growl, captured by Julie.

A new Season 4 Rhade music video by LakeDaemon.

Okay - I know it's not the 13th any more, but I didn't manage to do everything in time, and so these are still part of the Birthday Update .......
More fanart - a little birthday collage by Linda

"Profit" the "Complete Series" will be released 9th of August 2005.
Read more on TVShowsOnDVD
The series stars Adrian Pasdar, and Steve Bacic plays a secretary in episode 1x03, "Healing".

Better late than never: the March Print Calendar by Dawn

Added a new image to the official gallery
Added a picture to the 'Steve At Work' gallery
Added 2 new icons by Clarisssa
Added a new fanart

Added 2 calendar wallpapers by Dawn
Added 1 wallpaper by Jeanette and Sybille
Added a gallery with 'Steve At Work'
Added 2 clips and a music video to the Video page
Added 14 new icons
Added 2 new link images on the about page

The Colt on Hallmark UK on sunday February 6th at 15:00, and repeated February 7th - for starters.

Steve's movie The Colt will premiere on Hallmark Australia on January 31st at 8:30 pm AU, and repeated February 1st at 12 plus two more times in February.

Added a tiny gallery for Andromeda 5x10 - one image only.
Added a small gallery for Andromeda 5x11 - two images .....
Added a smallish gallery for Andromeda 5x12 - five images.
Nothing too spoilerish that you don't already know ... I hope ...
Added a 4 new pictures to the X-Files 5x19 gallery.
Finally added David's review of X-Files 5x19.

New page in the word section, 10 things you didn't know about Steve Bacic.
Added another convention.

Opened up the Word section again, meaning the Lives or Dies? page and the Andromeda writings, starting with the Quotes page.

Added gallery for Andromeda 5x03
Added gallery for the movie Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever
Added 11 images to the Dragoncon Gallery
Added 2 wallpapers by Tracie
Added a wallpaper by Caersmane
Added a January calendar plus a 2005 planner by Dawn

Added a link to Stargate Props on the Merchandise page

Added two convention appearances.

Added a behind-the-scenes picture to the L.A.P.D. gallery
Added a December calendar wallpaper by Dawn
Added a December calendar page by Dawn

Added an official biography, supplied by Steve Bacic.

Added a small gallery for Andromeda 5x01, The Weight

YAY! Camulus on region 2 DVD!
Stargate SG-1 - Volume 38 arrives on February 14, 2005, and will include the first handful of episodes from season eight. The disc carries a suggested retail price of £19.99, but Amazon.co.uk has it for £14.99 (subject to change).

Added a soundclip from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Basic Steve Bacic, the chocolate brown version, uploaded to stevebacic.com

Things that weren't on the afan.dk site:
Jeanette's newest wallpaper
A gallery of Andromeda cast promo pictures
Two music videos and a few clips
Two new drawings by Mariola
10 Livejournal icons by lakedaemon

Basic Steve Bacic, the olive version, uploaded to afan.dk

No copyright infringement intended. All pictures © copyright the original owners.
Text copyright © stevebacic.com

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