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03 March 2008

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If you want to link to this website, the About this Website-page has a few link images if you need them.

The links in the larger sections are NOT in order of importance - just the order in which I got them.

Very Important Link

Steve Bacic on TV
Thanks to Julie who searches TV schedules all over the world to keep us informed about when and where Steve Bacic appears on TV. The link is to the TV alerts section on the Bacic forum.

My Most Favorite Link .......

...simply has to be the Bacic Words Fanfiction Archive run by Dani - a very clever little Ba-Chick.
It contains stories featuring characters that Steve has portrayed - like Camulus, the Rhades, and I believe there may even be a Coburn story on the way!
It's currently 27 authors and more than 40 stories and still growing.
Most of the stories are of an adult nature, but everything is clearly marked.

Steve Bacic Fansites

Die Deutsche Steve Bacic Fanpage - by Alaska, in German.
With nice galleries and wallpapers.

The Dreamchaser UK - Steve Bacic - by Chimera.
With a very nice Sorbo Event Report.

SteveBacic.de - by Harmony, in German.
With nice fanart and a forum.

Rhadecal-Harpie.de combined Rhade and Harper fansite, in German and English.

The Guard

Fansite for Steve Bacic's new TV series, The Guard, GuardFans.com

Andromeda sites, official and fan

Profile of Rhade on Andromedatv.com.
Profile of Steve on Andromedatv.com.
Andromeda 100th Episode Archive - Steve Bacic is in the photos, party vid and cast soundbites.

Andromeda Virtual Season 6 - 20 episodes so far!

- with LOADS of lovely high-quality screencaps - and Rhade icons and wallpapers ;-)

Andromeda episode transcripts - all of Steve's season 1-3 episodes there - but 3x10, Unconquerable Man has been added recently - plus very few season 4-5 transcripts.

Great Andromeda episode synopses on laurabertram.net

Dennelayn's German Andromeda fansite
- with a nice mention of Gaheris Rhade and new page for Telemachus plus a nice report from the Sorbo Event.

German Andromedatv.de
- is a huge fansite. There's not so much about Rhade, but I'm sure once they start showing season 4 in Germany, they will add it.

Russian Andromeda Fansite made by Sovka.
NB Loads very slowly.

Andromeda Co-Stars

The Official Kevin Sorbo Website

The Official Australian Kevin Sorbo Fan Club run by Stripey.

The Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club run by Hannelore.

The Sorbohood by Tracie.


The Official Lisa Ryder Fan Club


The Unofficial Laura Bertram Fan Club and The Trance Gemini Wallpaper Heaven

BrandyLedford.com and Brandy's MySpace site

Stargate Fansites

The most excellent Abydosgate has everything you could ever need about Stargate SG-1 and the actors. It even has a special page for Steve Bacic.

Friends of the BaChicks (Steve's fans)

David Winning - director of multiple episodes of Stargate SG-1 and SGA, Andromeda.

Gary Jones - also known as The Chevron Guy from Stargate SG-1.

Mitch Kosterman - co-star in Safe Harbor.

Colin Lawrence - co-star from Tailhook, 6th Day, Blade, Afghan Knights and the DragonCon convention.

Connect with other Bacic fans

Yahoo discussion groups with Steve Bacic as subject:

Rhadical Fringe - they are both very low-traffic.

The Steve Bacic Livejournal Community

TV Schedules

Steve's TV Schedule a listed on the Steve Bacic Forum, info gathered by Julie, mainly.

US - Steve's TV appearances listed at TV-now.com.

Canadian The Movie Network - search for Bacic.


The Official Andromeda website compiled a list of questions from fans to ask Steve Bacic in a Q & A session. Part 1 - and part 2 of Steve's responses.

Bacic on Slipstream on playing different Shades of Rhade.

Nice little article about the making of Firefight back when it was called Backfire, and an interview with Steve with interesting info about him. Thanks to Shado for the link.
I wasn't exactly sure what kinesiology is, so I looked it up on the internet


This is a link I'm very happy to provide as I love the two Rhade fan videos that jmtorres has made. Be sure also to check out her link section as there are links to Andromeda fic featuring Rhade - both het and slash.

Jay has finished his episode video based on The Unconquerable Man - watch it and his other vids on Jay's Music Videos. He also has a nice little gallery of Rhade images.


As I said above - there is now a GREAT resource for fanfiction for Bacic fans:
Bacic Words Fanfiction Archive run by Dani.

A few fanfics featuring Gaheris Rhade - fanfiction.net has a few - but be warned - I'm not sure any of them are complete.
They may also already be in the Bacic Words archive .....

Found a few stories about - or inspired by - Coburn of Stargate team SG-2. NB - They are NC-17 slash (same sex) stories. Joy's Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction Page.
Joy recently added a story, Dangerous, NC-17, slash, featuring Camulus and Daniel Jackson and .....

Here's a nice collection of mostly NC-17 fanfic, Andromeda Uncovered

Viridian has both Andromeda slash and gen fic.

The Command Deck - with lots of stuff besides stories.
I finally found some Rhade stories there, so I decided to include the site ;-)

Movie and TV links

Beast Master website with photo of Bacic as Kim - and there's even a promo for the episode.

Official site of the movie Encrypt in which Bacic plays Lapierre

The official Earth: Final Conflict's webpage about Steve's episode.


A review of the pilot episode of Andromeda - not very positive towards Mr. Bacic though - obviously, the reviewer is clueless about Nietzschean culture and behavior.

Photo by Kevin Clark Photo by Kevin Clark Photo by Kevin Clark


Vancouver photographer Kevin Clark has the three great pictures above of Steve Bacic on his website. The thumbnails are number 6-8 from the right.

Scotsman's funny review of Andromeda's pilot episode

Enid-Raye's personal website with a page of screen captures from the Just Cause episode - with several pictures from the show.

Fan encounter - Andulasia and Steve with very big smiles - from Andromeda Realm.

January wallpaper featuring Telemachus Rhade - from the official Andromeda website. They've just recently added a bio for Steve and Telemachus Rhade.

Author Chris Freeburn has a poll for which actor should be in the movie of her optioned book. Visit the website and scroll down to the CCD Poll on the right and vote for Steve.

Mythological origins of the name Gaheris.
Telemachos was a Greek prince - the son of Odysseus.
Rhade is - among other things - a city in Germany and a language spoken in parts of Vietnam.

Nothing to do with Steve exactly, but LOVELY pictures from Vancouver where Andromeda is filmed.

The Vancouver and Canada Film & TV News Source - nothing about Steve - yet - but interesting tidbits about filming in Canada and Vancouver.

Great Friends of SteveBacic.com

Phoebe's Rubber Stamps - has supplied a drawing for the 10 Things you didn't know about Steve Bacic page plus two entries in the Fanart Gallery.

David Bjerre, webmaster of ShuQi.org - about the lovely Taiwanese actress, has supplied several reviews of Steve Bacic's movies and TV episodes.

Thanks much to both of you.

No copyright infringement intended. All pictures © copyright the original owners.
Text copyright © stevebacic.com